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  1. MadJik'All Art... more Abstracts 01/2018

    Happy dancing snowflake
  2. MadJik'All Art... more Abstracts 01/2018

    @Pixey this was the trickiest part I had to rework several times before I feel "happy". Could you believe the first step was:
  3. MadJik'All Art... more Abstracts 01/2018

    Thank you @Pixey More enigmatik? Voodoo spirit
  4. Help with Stripe Plugin

    I think @MJW is right but I'm not skilled enough to explain it. Maths are useful to create a plugin. You don't need the third loop, just y and x. Stripe nr zero(0) is the first step and is equal to the primary color. The number of steps to calculate is Amount1 - 1. Amount1 must be 2 or more (avoid the "divided by 0 error" if Amount1 = 1). Each stripe step size per chanel RGB is (Secondary - Primary) / (Amount1 - 1) //MJW is right! Calculate for each x in the width the stripe number (group). etc... The final code... edit: extra features (ideas) to add: - invert colors (checkbox) - make it vertical (checkbox) - repeat it - start on the center
  5. Anyone knows about "Save Configuration" windows? I can't see any windows with this exact title. It makes me think the use of a plugin with XML or a filetype plugin. Which one?
  6. MadJik'All Art... more Abstracts 01/2018

    @lynxster4 @Seerose thank you for the feedback. _____________________________ (19/01/2018) Some absracts:
  7. Help with Stripe Plugin

    Remove the commented lines in the Region UICode. edit: @Pratyush the last right shade isn't equal to secondary color...
  8. So back to the first request I can't find the "Save configuration" Windows when I save my PDN file. Are you trying to save parameters from a plugin? Which one? Are you trying to save using a file type plugin? Which one?
  9. Update 2018-01-18 -Up to 10 points could be placed and found around the canvas. Use the pen to spot single pixels with same bright color. -Lockers -Angle -New shapes: 4=diamond, 5=pentagon, 6=star, 7=flower, 8=triangle. -Smart values button -Int radius % -Primary Secondary colors -Russian translation (thanks to @ReMake)
  10. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    Testing next version of Lens flare
  11. 1. Bars 2. Polar 3. Zoom blur + repeat as needed
  12. Light Rays (update YMD:170928)

    Your post comes to me at the speed of a light ray... I must agree but old UI (or Windows form) is a pain to maintain (as new Lens flare). I often start with CodeLab (and this tool is getting better and better). 4.0.19... 4.0.20... 4.0.21... Any news about a reset button?
  13. Think large is a good start. My image was 3000 pixels width before I reduced it to 800. I used a model I did did not draw it.