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  1. GetPixel/SetPixel question

    @Mikal use CodeLab with this code to build your effect. Close then find on your desktop the install"effect" and run it. It will copy the dll to the folder Effect. Open and your effect should be available in a submenu (Test is you haven't changed it in the code). Then you could change the parameters and see "live" the result in your canvas. You shouldn't need to change the code.
  2. SOTW#174 ~ TGMagnitude - Entries ~

  3. GetPixel/SetPixel question

    Nice answer with detailled explanation and good example!
  4. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    It can't be 100% as TGMagnitude doesn't work with white canvas. So the question should be where is the limit? If I start with a texture generator, then TGM then a lot of distortions effect, in the end the TGM will be unsignificant. This brinks another related question: if I work with a canvas 5000x2000, the final result at 500x200 will also not really match with the effect used at this final size...
  5. Photobucket sucks.

    Hi, is someone else has this problem with postimage? Worst thing is I upload the screenshot anonymously without this trouble!
  6. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    Should I suggest you to visit my gallery? TY for the rep.
  7. [SOTW Discussion] Talk inside...

    Postimage upload is busy, I put my entry on DeviantArt I used a photo from last holidays.
  8. With this plugin you could create a palette from a picture or a selection. So you could create your own palettes from your cover.
  9. The video is from Pixey, not me. A link to my plugins pack is below my sig.
  10. Most of the time (if not always). If you ask this question, you first should do what Pixey tells you in her first answer: On the colors wheel press >>more to have the colors values...
  11. Below @Pixey signature: How I made Jennifer & Halle in