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  1. Unfinished plugins

    @lynxster4 I was just thinking about give a quick answer to @welshblue but surely @Ego Eram Reputo would have done that few hours later... Earth is turning...
  2. Unfinished plugins

    Here it is!
  3. Unfinished plugins

    @Ego Eram Reputo neat code! @xod and @Eli Ihave used fill from clipboard for this: (the selection must be equal to the cell + 1 line width)
  4. HI

    This is my first problem that i have got.

    I couldn't paste any picture, it always show the message

    - Not enough memory to paste from the clipboard.

    How do i get rid from it?

    please help me


    I have  also attached the screen shot pics


    1. MadJik




      Is this help ?

      If not then please post your request by creating a new topic in the troubleshooting section


      In this topic, we need the screenshots and the "show détails" part.

      What is the image ? type, size, dimensions etc.

      What is your computer (Ram, CPU, OS)?

      How do you copy?






  5. assembling two photos

    Could you provide some sample picture? That also could help us to help you.
  6. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    Thank you. I used Effect/Noise/Medium and lots of blending modes. + Effect/Stylize/Overliner for the dark lines.
  7. Image Umbrella: Abstract Images

    This is a 800x600 detail from a 5000x5000 abstract image (visit my deviant art). This is a 600x600 version of the original image.
  8. Woven Photo

    Hi, Having : -strip width to 20 -Spacing to 0 -Rotation to 30-60 (must be non-zero) and Shadows Thickness sliding from 20 to 1 : Exception details: System.DivideByZeroException: Attempted to divide by zero. at WovenPhoto95Effect.WovenPhoto95EffectPlugin.Render
  9. Or you could take a screenshot of text, paste in, enlarge/resize, use built-in effect Frament and add noise :
  10. MadJik'All Art... New abstracts11/2017

    @Seerose & @LionsDragon I've not problem with coffee and cake, I appreciate the virtual rewards, even if I not often give some to others...
  11. MadJik'All Art... New abstracts11/2017

    Sorry, I don't read german/deutch As I create some plugins I also use them... Thank you all
  12. MadJik'All Art... New abstracts11/2017

    No Woven Photo used here... I started with Make some abstract with PDN v1 but with more lines and crossing lines like + polar inversion + seamless texture maker + lot of other things...
  13. MadJik'All Art... New abstracts11/2017

    _____________________________________________________________________ (11/11/2017) Abstracts