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  1. Hi everyone, here's my 2nd attempt. 😊
  2. I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday Pixey😊 🎉🍷🎉 Kindest wishes Roger the Dodger
  3. Thank you thank you Welshblue,

    an excellent Tutorial and Text idea.


    Looking forward to experimenting with it😊


    Kindest wishes

    Roger the Dodger

    1. welshblue


      No problem mate.  Have fun 😉



  4. Thank you Welshblue, I shall try the plug-in's (Should keep me out of mischief for a while)😉 Kindest regards Roger the Dodger😊
  5. Hi Rick Again massive thanks for all your hard work with 4.2.7 Kindest regards Roger the Dodger😊
  6. Hi everyone Hope I have posted this question in the right Forum. I am trying to re-shape a picture of an object, say a rectangle to say a parallelogram in terms of shape. Which function can I use to achieve this? The Control Panel object (Please see attached) I want to use in a photo, but need to insert it so it has the correct perspective. Hope some one can advise. Kindest regards to you all Roger the Dodger😊
  7. Thank you Rick again for your sterling hard work with Pait.Net and 4.2.6. I am eagerly going to install All the very best Roger the Dodger😊
  8. Thank you Xmario for this very good Tutorial, I am looking forward to trying it out. Kindest regards Roger the Dodger😊
  9. Although I am fairly new to this Forum and Paint.Net I was always in awe at the remarkable artistic quality of Woodsy's work, (especially his name sake animation). I am deeply sorry to hear on Woodsy's passing away, such a devastating loss to the creative world and to Paint.Net Roger the Dodger😔
  10. Thank you for sharing this HyReZ, I shall try this out too.😊
  11. Wow Pixey that is wonderful almost fractal like😊
  12. Hi Pixey Massive thanks. (I originally put some of the gradients in my Effects folder individually). Kindest regards Roger the Dodger☺️
  13. Hi Pixey Great Ice Cube. Where do yo install the pre-sets? Is it the effects folder? Kindest regards Roger the Dodger