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  1. Absolutely fantastic, would be good to have a tutorial on this forum too. Thanks for posting Roger the Dodger 😊
  2. Very useful, thanks BoltBait Hope I don't confuse my Calendar with a Collander, (sorry I know that was terrible)πŸ˜„
  3. It still fascinates me just how much artistic talent there is on this Forum, and especially the amazing creative objects which Paint.Net can create. Kindest wishes Roger the Dodger 😊
  4. I am absolutely thrilled by the new version of Paint.Net, I love the new Hi-Res icons especially. Massive thanks to Rick for the hard work> πŸ’½ Roger the Dodger
  5. Wow! looks excellent, can't wait for the final release version. πŸ’½Roger the Dodger
  6. Hi Lynxster4 I would also like to contribute my condolences to you on your very sad loss. Kindest regards Roger the dodge
  7. Hi Welshblue Definitely a T-shirt design for sure! Excellent effect. Kindest regards Roger the Dodger
  8. Thank you to Seerose, Lynster4 aand ReMake for you encouragement 😊 Kindest regards Roger the Dodger
  9. Hi Seerose Your pictures are excellent Kindest regards Roger the Dodger😊
  10. Hi TrevorOutlaw Thank you, I shall be installing this. Kindest regards Roger the Dodger : )
  11. Thanks Welshblue, that's the one Kindest regards Roger the Dodger : )
  12. Hi Rick Basically I meant the ability of the Lasso Tool to be used to draw around the outline of an image (such as a specific detail). Therefore, allowing the User to cut the chosen image and paste it into another image, or to remove from the original photo/image. A the moment the current Lasso Tool is not intuitive to use. Hope that helps Kindest regards Roger the Dodger