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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation


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janettsue, the pool-spider manip is really creepy! :P

However, to put it plainly, the spiders look flat. Their lighting doesn't match the lighting of the image. Add lighting to each spider to make it more real, and only put spiders where they'll look good, such as on walls. The one on the pool side looks like its been stepped on. :P

Merry Christmas


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Nice pool.

Right now, the bugs look kinda stamped on. Try adding some shadows, it'll make it look more realistic.

You're right. Any better? I thought less spiders would be better also.


That's a great photo-manipulation. I like it. :D But it looks like the spider is squashed on the pool and is floating.

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I do like your image janettsue, I think it's a really nice image.

However, I agree mainly with what the others said, some of the spiders look too flat.

With just a little lighting and a few tweaks the image could be really amazing!

Also, here are my images, I downloaded lots of new effects and was just playing around with them, I prefer the second image, I think the first is too busy.



Original Image

That's me done here.


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Yeah, it looks kind of neon-y. I've been working on this vista style (Photographs) wallpaper combiing 2 pictures, 1 of my tree, the other of a night-time cloud streak i took a few nights ago.


The final image

The original images:

1. http://1w55pg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1ptCcEyI779DpRrm4RRRWbh_9_hA7qTqXDIR_R5RaClvWHPu4qvrugaVhFqRwHNq8nwZv6m2ioF5I/SV400176.JPG

2. http://1w55pg.blu.livefilestore.com/y1p-GwzcrBgZ3_6Xph0oJUx3FaCGJDiSC9Kje2Q9Y68BgWHGZ1PDbTQlCcNfZRG6EUxhD1WpgmGm8c/SV400174.JPG

I think it look's quite summery, can you tell me what you think of it?

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