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  1. I have not been on the board for over a year now. I've been busy getting married, moving, and starting a new career. It is good to be back. I may have some time to get back into this great past-time. I was very surprised to see this image in the Gallery. Thanks so much for that!! More to come in the future...
  2. There's nothing wrong with being a Republican, is there? I don't know any Italian :? . Janettsue, you must have your own special color palette. Nice!
  3. Thanks ya'll. Yes I am from the deep south . Nice looking fruit Oma. The beverage also looks real good there Crimson. I made a rendering of the Republican National Convention stage (bored, I guess )
  4. Your bird is very nice and very creative. All I did with my bird was follow my fiancee into Michael's (a craft store) and buy a book called camoflauged birds (I think). Someone else did the drawing, I just did the coloring. It does make an interesting desktop background as will some other birds from the book.
  5. You know, I would walk a mile for that camel OMA. There are a lot of great looking pieces on these last few pages, I'm impressed. Myself, I have put the airplane project in the hanger for a while. It is keeping the pool table project company. Not real sure where to put this :?: :?:
  6. This is my first try at flying. I'm going to take a few more lessons
  7. Cool! The restaurants have the root beer on tap, which is very tasty, one of my favorites. I just stumbled onto this site Root Beer World. I had no idea there is so much root beer out there. I am going to have to try some of them in my travels. Also, thanks for the compliment, topezia.
  8. Janettsue I like your work. Your choice of colors is always nice. A & W Root Beer's got that "frosty mug taste".
  9. Yes I did. I followed your link and found out that I can open icon files in Paint.NET, but I am unable to create an icon file from scratch. Thank you. :idea: What if I open an existing .ico file and delete everything within it, replacing it with the above image and save that? Will that work? :arrow: Now I am even more confused. I looked in a folder on my computer and came across some icons that I created a while back using Paint.NET (:? ...from sratch.
  10. I want to use this image as a Icon. So I saved it as an .ico. Then I tried to use it as an icon and a windows pop up says that "compass.ico contains no icons". I am confused. Can someone help?
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