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  1. Sorry it took so long but I just posted up the links in the Pictorium.
  2. As promised here are some layered .pdn files of my old sigs, hope someone gets some use out of looking at these Click each image to download their .pdn file.
  3. Ok I'll try and upload them sometime next week, anyone have any recommendations for a file sharing site? Also it's good to see all you guys again!
  4. Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I last posted here so most of you don't know me but some of you might lol. Im just stopping by to see if anyone would be interested in the layered .pdn files of some of my sigs. I was cleaning out some old files from my hdd and almost deleted them but then I thought someone might be able to get some use out of them here. If there's any interest I'll upload them
  5. Thanks, and yea the tape was supposed to look like it was wrapped around the cd case.
  6. Hey guys long time, no see haha. I just finished an album cover for a friend of mine using PDN and a photo I had taken of him so I figured I'd share: See, I still use Paint.net
  7. Wow this place got an upgrade since I last saw it lol, looks great!
  8. I use PDN every once in awhile, I be using it to design my business card here in a few weeks. I shoot with a Nikon D40 and I had two flashes for the shot, one camera left in a reflective umbrella close to my friend and the other was camera right further off behind him to give separation from the background and help freeze the water. It was just a spur of the moment shoot so I didnt work too hard on getting the light perfect.
  9. Thanks guys, I used to play but not so much anymore, and thats a friend in the pic not me but it is my bass lol.
  10. Used pdn a couple days ago to edit some amps in the background of one of my photos:
  11. AMD 64 3500+ 2.20 GHz 1 gig of ram 955 Gigs of hdd space 20" monitor Two JVC speakers I found at a thrift store run through an old Sony stereo receiver Good, cheap, easy setup
  12. Your text came out very nice, I'm happy to see that my tut is still being used . And sorry that it is a little difficult to understand it's just that I've always been better at making art then writing things haha
  13. Look at tutorials, deviantart, flickr(if I want to take pics) the internet in general is just an awesome place to build up inspiration, a lot of times I'll just see a website with a cool navi bar or something and that will get me going lol. Keep your eyes open
  14. Are we under a spam attack or something haha. Also there's this: Hidden Content:
  15. I just bought two Vivitar 285hv's! Woohoo!
  16. Just wanted to say that I use this effect nearly every time I open Paint.net, thank you for it.
  17. the Transparency by Color effect looks like it could come in handy with car chops thanks
  18. Here's a few pics I took and then edited in Paint.net Original: End result: Hidden Content: Original: End result: Hidden Content: Original: End result: Hidden Content: And here's some portraits i did for friends:
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