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  1. hey guys, did not check the forums since a year or so. just wanted to say that you are still great!
  2. Hey Helen, you are still doing your homeworks over here ? I am surprised that there are some active users from the past, sadly i'm not..
  3. Matt Cab - If it's not me. New, until now unsigned RnB artist
  4. Pes is way better for me. Especially on PC.
  5. Stomach bug. Lost some kilos but I think everything will be fine in some days.
  6. I was in hospital for 5 days, did i miss sth ?
  7. NFSU and NFSU2 were the best of the series. Oh and NFS III: Hot Pursuit. Hope the remake will be that cool too
  8. the focal is not easy to identify and the colors are awful and the effects aren't that good. keep tryin made. hope that was not too harsh but it was honest
  9. Has anyone played Future Wars for PC? It is like Advanced Wars for GBA and DS. Looks like fun
  10. Anyone playing League of Legends here? Downloaded it the day before yesterday and I think it's a great free game
  11. your effects are too transparent chrisco and the colors are a bit bland, but i think it could be your best sig so far new one in quite a long time:
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