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  1. Ok, this really needs to stop for both sides.
  2. Wait, the 2nd link points to some web server or something?? :?:
  3. TopHATslash WAS behind the "catnapping", look at the 2nd pic, whistling and taunting. (Hope you got your cat back from them.)
  4. I'm seeing what you are good at, keep going in that direction. :idea: :wink:
  5. Well I like it, good shape and lighting and shadow.
  6. Should post in viewtopic.php?f=26&t=22624
  7. You want to learn to make the bottom or the top view of the cd?
  8. Like viewtopic.php?f=31&t=28958&start=0 ??
  9. Thanks topezia & Lance, glad it helped.
  10. I thought there is a CD tut already? Do you mean to put my tut on a CD, or making a CD? :wink:
  11. Actually, it is missing some shadows, but not where you think. Since the light is coming from lower right. Ask me via PM or something if you still free like fixing it, Goon.
  12. After the makeup artist do all the work on the face and hair, using the software would be easy. PS easier, PDN takes longer. It looks cool on youtube, but I'm sure you can do it too.
  13. Yeah, sometimes just can't beat good old hard work, I'm sure the cacti will turn out lovely. And yes, DS9 = Deep Space 9. the opening scene are good example to follow. As in background vs. space station. And if only you can see how many unfinished PDNs on my system...
  14. How about finishing off some of your unfinished work and expand up on it? ie. cactus-->desert scenery. Or look at other's work, see if you can do better. ie. space station. And while working on these, you will find new tricks and go: hey, I can use this method to do this and that. Read a book, listen to music, watch a movie...etc. Or even just mess around with all the effects... that's what I do often.
  15. Near the end of the animation, some of the background also changed, did you meant to do that? I used to have a black cat like that. , I like it.
  16. When you click the small image in dA, it should open up a larger one. But if it somehow doesn't work, click on the download button on the left side and download the full view image.
  17. Wow, you sure mix them up nicely.
  18. So you think, you telling me what to do is helping and I tell you why I use my methods and not yours is flaming? When you didn't even bother to try my tut first, try to see why I use that method? And you come in telling me your method? What if I go to your gallery only looking at the thumbnails and start telling you why this and that don't work? How rude would that be? Nobody is flaming you, but in many of your posts, you say: it must be like this, like that, distorts will always make it blurry, the shine can not be like that, etc etc. Doesn't that sound like you are trying to say your ide
  19. Ok, so in your image, you are showing me that MOL is smoother for tapered lines (which proved my point, thank you very much..), and that you think you can do tapered blocks (or just blocks) with line tool better, and you refuse to believe that distorts can adjust the THIN tapered lines into any shape without blurring them, have you thought of maybe you haven't tried the correct setting and the correct combo of different distorts?? Using line tool method, you can't even get a nice AA thin tapered line, how can you get a nice AA wavy thin tapered line with the line tools? And the key wo
  20. So, the green check mark means you like it better? So what is MOV? The larger lines, those distorts looks better than the line tool, better AA.
  21. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it I see users ask for how to do tapered lines very often. Here is a super easy, super sharp, super fast tapered line tutorial. Remember, think outside the box. Enjoy Click the image to goto my dA for a larger view, you can also download from dA the full 1280x2310 version.
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