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  1. It's been a long time, and I've sort of been swept up by life, but I definitely have happy news. Yesterday I found out I've been accepted to Rhode Island School of Design, one of the best design schools in the US. They gave me a pretty large sum of money as well. Frankly, I don't think I'd have come nearly this far if it weren't for Paint.NET and its community of awesome people and resources. Thanks, guys
  2. Happy birthday Crimson! :)

  3. You're going to the wrong Asian country—you should see a major mainland Chinese city on any given day. Yikes.
  4. I've passed a couple of those (they seem to appear much more frequently the closer you get to Mountain View, CA) but I couldn't take a photo of any of them. The ones I've encountered were a little more subtle though, with just the red ball on top and none of this vinyl car decal nonsense.
  5. After four months on and off, my site is finally done! It's basically a portfolio of things I've done so far. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Genulum - A Digital Portfolio EDIT: it seems that I've forgotten how to use PHPBB board tags.
  6. Honestly, I think people should just ignore them. They're just a bunch of trolls that enjoy ticking off others. If no one paid attention to them they would just fade into obscurity.
  7. A superb repast mounds of bacon and waffles there is no syrup
  8. I made one of my rare visits to deviantART that day and by chance looked at your wallpaper pack. I clicked it, wanting to get a closer look. I didn't really pay attention to the artist just yet, but then I saw that Kemaru had made a comment, and I thought, "huh, what are the chances of me seeing one of his comments coincidentally?" Then I looked at the artist. And I realized. Congratulations, by the way.
  9. Portal is very much indeed worth getting. The singleplayer is kind of short, but the game itself is extremely fun and challenging with a host of inserted easter eggs and darkly humorous dialogue. I bought it when it was $9; it seems to have gone back to $20 now. Maybe you'd like to get the entire Orange Box series for $29? Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life are both great FPS games.
  10. Very much agreed. Any speculations? Particles...atoms...molecules...? Or, perhaps, the people at Google simply wish to poke fun at us and drive us insane from not knowing what the event is.
  11. Currently sending this from my newly begotten Samsung Captivate. Android is so complex and expansive and confusing...I love it.
  12. It depends greatly on the complexity of the website--most designers charge by the hour, after all. If your website is fairly basic with no fancy-schmancy scripts or extended functionality (say, a home, about, gallery and a contact form or two), you're looking at several hundred to a thousand. If you're getting creative with shops, slick effects/transitions, Flash or almost webapp-like development, you can easily expect the price to skyrocket into the high four digits and beyond. I ask that you don't quote me on any of this.
  13. Or, perhaps, panophobia, the fear of everything.
  14. Well, I don't know about you, but it doesn't exactly cross my mind every day...
  15. I share your pain. Dropped mine somewhere in school, never found it.
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