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Image Umbrella: Image Modification/Manipulation

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some of mine works

this one didnt work out well i made many mistakes, most bigest of them is that text black lagoon is half seeable:


one of mine face putting in shape 3D


here is another one:


and some other shape:


here i were trying make- color comes in black and white but then i understand its too booting in that way so i made zoom blur and recolored black and white:


this one were taken from one tutorial:


hope you liked them.

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smook those are very nice! i like the ones of the planet looking things!

i was bored and since i have no friends i just cloned myself a couple times.



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Ah those are fun pictures to take, I've done a few of those for friends.

Some modification I did to a couple pictures I took:

-Click to enlarge them-



I love gradient maps!


Here's another:

Click to enlarge


And the original is here.

That really shows what you can do with the gradient map plugin.

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@cortinachris: how did you do that? :)

maily by using the lasso tool :P

to get the new rims, just find some you like that are the right angle, then paste them on, rotating them to fit. to lower the car, i cut around the wheels and the ground, made a new layer underneath, pasted the wheels and ground on this layer, and moved it up, so i did not lower the car, i raised the ground!! :P

here is my latest wip:


the rims are not final

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Nice chop man, it's been awhile since i've done one. You should try and get the rims to match the car a little more by messing with the brightness/contrast ;)

Manip of a friend:



-Click to enlarge-

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great image Rob I like the cartoon effect. see those little white around the hair line you might want to take a black brush and fill them in. you are way way too young to be sporting that gray.

Here's one I did tonight. its actually a quick prelim sketch of a picture that I'm drawing, of course much larger and more detailed, with better coloration I hope. The program allowed me to visualize it better what it would look like when the benzatine layers were done and I darkend different areas.

original is in a book about 2 1/2 x 3


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