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  1. You get an Aston Martin that "does not break" but they forget to put an engine inside of it, and since it has a "anti-breakage system" you cannot open it to put a new engine inside. I wish for world peace. (Now try and corrupt that! Mwahaha!)
  2. Here's a desktop wallpaper I've made a while ago in PDN (I haven't been active on the forums I know, but I thought I'd get back into it ) http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs46/f/2009/ ... St_Jim.png All in PDN except for the windows flag which I silhouetted.
  3. Black knight sounds better CoD World at War or CoD Modern Warfare?
  4. You get your old account back but your new one and old one have a fight to the death and both die. Then you have to make a new one and start all over again. I wish that something interesting will happen, because I'm bored!
  5. !!! This post caught me out. He he, I thought it meant a browser being made called PDN browser! I've got to say out of all the biggies i've got to say that ie7 is the best for me. Just because I have the nice Aero topper (thanks to vista glazz) and any other web browser would require countless addons to produce the same effect (As i can't stand FF's interface)
  6. When you update this part of yuor signature every day PDN User for- 2 years, 157 days AS OF March 15, 2009
  7. They bring it back, but it has the unpleasant side-effect of killing you. I wish that my CoD5 zombie map would work
  8. Great tut! Only problem with mine is i messed up the alpha mask :oops: I'll certainly use this effect again keep 'em coming!
  9. Would it be possible to have a voting poll (like on youtube, were you could select a radio button at the end of the article, so that it doesn't clutter so much) then put that in the title somewhere - so people know which are good plugins, or tutorials and can steer clear of ones that have a good name, but do nothing. Name: Shape 3D (5 star) more people would look at that plugin than one which has 1 star.
  10. Thanks, of course any improvements to my original tutorial is welcomed Yes, the best result is usually achieved with the gradient blur plugin rather than with the gausian blur.
  11. Post it on an external site: Photobucket Then jsut put the image URL into the signature URL link.
  12. Would it still be a violation of copyright if you were to just have a link like this - but not re-produce them? PDN Tutorials: Ash's glass tutorial Ash shows us how to create glass in PDN. Link goes here to PDN tutorials page. Random tutorial Random tutorial Link goes here to PDN tutorials page.
  13. No, it will still only show the dimentions in square form, so if it's a circle its no good, plus you would still need to work out, using a caluclation, the amount of pixels in %.
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