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  1. Here's a desktop wallpaper I've made a while ago in PDN (I haven't been active on the forums I know, but I thought I'd get back into it ) http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs46/f/2009/ ... St_Jim.png All in PDN except for the windows flag which I silhouetted.
  2. Thanks, of course any improvements to my original tutorial is welcomed Yes, the best result is usually achieved with the gradient blur plugin rather than with the gausian blur.
  3. Nasty, you're not the only one who hates Microsoft (though i do to a lesser degree.) I bought Fall Out 3, yes - 3years under the law. Anyway, you have to use Microsoft's LIVE service to play, which meant me putting in my Windows Live ID. I had to create a spam adult account in order for it to let me play the game and even then, when i was INQUIRING into operation Anchorage expansion pack I am not allowed to even look at it, yet alone download it! Most PC games have free updates and such (DLC's like in good old CoD) whereas in xbox360/PS3 you have to pay, so I tought i was safe in the knowledg
  4. Tip: Watch the video (It may help a bit) All you have to do is (as you did in the beginning) is select the colour replacer tool and choose your primary colour as the colour you want your tect to become (the yellow bit on my example.) Then just select the gradient tool and click once on the square with differnt colours on it (look at the location of this in the tutorial) and selcet the icon with a circle inside it (circular gradient) then jsut drag it from the centre.
  5. It was done using shape 3D and i used median and alpha masks to create it. I have had a tutorial request but i need to find a way to reproduce it easily (because the way i made it was very complicated :S) Olav, im liking the glass beakers, how did you make the glass?
  6. I made a quick ice cube in PDN (I posted this on annother topic, but I thought I'd put it here - more people will see it and give me tips e.t.c) Bigger version (looks more aliased to me :S)
  7. All i mean by the colour replacer is to keep everthing as it is but under the drop down menu at the top right marked "brush width" change it to something larger so that you can go over it in 1 swipe of the mouse rather than filling it in for an infinitively long time.
  8. Okay, sorry but can you provide some screenshots of whats gone wrong (i.e. before you have done the gradient and after) thx
  9. Just select the duplicated layer and blur it with motion blur one angle then back again in the oppoisite andgle to give a blurred effect. Just don't blur the bottom arrow
  10. Not trying to bump my topic, but a guy called Atso contacted me via sky-drive with this message: Now normally I wouldn't post this for the sake of posting it, but he has set his account so that it cannot recieve any messages, so I hope you can get your answer here! Strictly speaking the Colour Replacer isn't realy called that, its called Recolour, 8th down on the right of the tools window. Hope this answers your question, St.Jim
  11. @LFC4EVER: Your planet looks great! Like a high resolution picture of the moon, good job! I will try and add shineyness to my marbels, they are a bit dull i guess. Keep up the good work people!
  12. Here's some marbles I made that I tried to make look like glass (the reflections e.t.c) Just a small attempt and there is probally more I could do if I had time... What do you think? Click for full size and resolution! annother one i did (Differnet style) Click for full size and resolution!
  13. Looks a bit flat to me, but otherwise perfect! Just try and use less blur so that it shows the beveled effect I got, for example 5 instead of 7 e.t.c Like David said, please put some more info as to what went wrong :wink:
  14. Nice tutorial! Took me a while to achieve a decent result but it was worth it My attempt: Looks a bit like wordart in office 2007.
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