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  1. I want one of those! I have one on my lap making me nuts right now. I love it Helen!
  2. Some of the images are not showing up for me. olav.k.m be careful madjik's plug-ins as well as abstracts can be addictive Ryberg360 I think that is beautiful Possum Roadkill you have so much going on in that image but there is something appealing about how busy it is, the colors are great. hippotipus looks like that would be a great screen saver myoriah kaleidoscope is one of my favorites, that is what I used to make the images I am posting I have not posted in here for a while, Happy Valentines to all Which color do you like best? I started out doing some hearts but the star took over.
  3. You really have a way of making appealing images. Apples are wonderful.
  4. I love the rose but even more than that I love 'Simplicity'.
  5. Very interesting composition makes one think. I like!
  6. That is what I was thinking I love the use of dents.
  7. Hello theonlychad I think the overall composition of the abstracted piece is good. I am thinking that you used ‘inside out' to create the orbs (very nice) and 'tilling' with the 'rotate zoom' to create the rows. I agree with csm725 that it is too bright. If you used hue/saturation under adjustments and turned the saturation down a bit and the brightness down just a little and maybe changed the hue up a bit so you got a bit of green in there the orbs would stand out more from the background and it would be more pleasing to the eye...
  8. I would like some of that Sundae Bliss. Great job.
  9. There is something so very, very nice about your work, always. The Grandfather tossing the baby is precious.
  10. Really great, I like how the bark is coming off the log and you’re ready to do some plumbing.
  11. Just saw your stones, marvelous. I especially like the stone you threw in with the droste effect. Now while I like your hearts I am thinking, “You need to get some happy music to work to”. A little edit- Wanted to add that I like the Paul Weller.
  12. Roadkill the bird is wonderful, Hutton fun weird I like it, Aislin bubbles are great. I took this picture yesterday. What an amazing sight to see, such a big snowman. Those arms are made of trees and he has lights at night. A little ink sketch, pastel and some layering it was a fun picture to work with.
  13. I was just talking about color and it made me want to visit your gallery. You use color well. I love the purple mountains; well I love the whole image. Well you know I love all you do. Did I hear some one say you are using a wacom now? If so how do you like it? Mine just sets on my desk collecting dust. I found it awkward to use. Maybe if I had one of those huge professional ones. Happy New Year!
  14. My husband was admiring your gallery. He was wondering if you do woodwork? He said "you have the tools", referring to your great tool images. 'Sunday Afternoon' Wonderful!
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