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  1. I really like it colors and shape is great but the text blends in to much mabey?
  2. 7/10 like the color but there seems to be something weird bout the face
  3. 7/10 like the eye a lot but seems to plain and boring
  4. I really like it, never seen anything like it 9.5/10
  5. 6/10 seems kinda dull and the text doesent fit in to well
  6. Liked the idea but its a little hard to read the writing and the flames look to cartoonish thats my thoughts anyways. dont no excactly how u could change it up but something not to plain :?:
  7. thanks for the tips and yours looks amazing. Is this any better?
  8. heres my two trys at it im a noob to pdn so any tips are appreciated
  9. Heres my go at it i no it sucks, im new to the program
  10. I no this one isnt very good but i did it as a rememberance day pic
  11. Awesome Pics I especially like the waves, tutorial?