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  1. Nah, I used stitch then motion blur. TPBM rate starryeyed.
  2. 9/10 I definitely like the color scheme and glossy look.
  3. Been a while since I posted. Something I whipped up for my marching band section. Original
  4. The 1st one is 100% PDN. I did one before it with brushes but then did one without brushes. The second one is photoshop but it's not very hard to achieve the same effect in PDN.
  5. I've seen that photoshop tut before. It's pretty schweet.
  6. Reminds me of the windows logo. Could use something else in it though, but looks great so far! A couple that are half and half between PDN and photoshop.
  7. You do realize that it's a picture mock-up ad and not a legitimate product right?
  8. Makes sense. I was wondering because I'm trying to create something that looks like the PS3 interface.
  9. How did you make the texture for the ground?
  10. 9/10 I like the initial design but the bar code just kinda distracts me.
  11. Would be an 8/10 because it's kinda bland, but I give it a 10/10 'cus I'm watching the Olympics.
  12. Updated gallery. See "Photo manipulation".
  13. No, I didn't make the explosion; I used a stock. However I did alter it a bit.
  14. Road Explosion Sorry, I forgot to post those. I'm new to photo manipulation. And, I think it might be hard to create an explosion like that in PDN from scratch, but it's not impossible. :wink:
  15. I wish I were good enough to make an explosion in PDN that good. Maybe it can be a challenge for all the heavy hitters in the forums to make an explosion that well.
  16. Yeah, I'm starting to get away from polar inversions. I used them way to much a while ago but my newer art doesn't have it as much ( they are not in order of creation ) Yeah I had the same problem with twist.
  17. Sorry I skipped over you before. Any who, I think you could try and add some color using :Curves:. I'm not entirely sure if that would work. Or you could try and add some :Glow: to the main guy and then use color filer with the perverse highlights all the way up making color the glow itself. Just ideas.
  18. I'm trying to create a decent photo manip. Could anyone tell me what I could add to this to make it better?
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