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  1. @barkbark: I like how he added the shadows to the corners to make it look like he took a picture of a drawing @oma: I like the picture. Except it looks more like a broken orb. But it's still amazing
  2. Tales of Symphonia. Best gamecube game EVER *cough* that aside... they're good pics, but the blue lines in front of Zelos are slightly distracting if you're using a red background for that
  3. Try to get text that matches more for the last two
  4. I think he might have used scatter fragment also. thumbnails don't lose quality because if you click them they go to the full quality version *goes off and changes his own gallery* EDIT: I meant Fragment, not scatter
  5. I like the smoothed glossy look to the last two Metallicas
  6. feather on some of them But other than that, nice pictures. And I also like the Linkin Park on the wall one the best
  7. Feather it a bit. It's a plugin. You can get it http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22819&hilit=feather
  8. They're pretty good but some of them look a bit aliased (Don't know if that's paint.net's fault or your 3D program's fault)
  9. Reminds of the movie Cats and Dogs... Sorta want to watch it again, but then I remember that it wasn't very good
  10. Yeah, the moon isn't a circle... And it the moon seems fuzzy and too pale (I know it's because of the clouds but it looks a little out of place) But I like the blackened and slightly blurred hills on the bottom
  11. They're all pretty good. I especially like the dragon one. The top too are too tall to be sigs though...
  12. The guy in the last one need to blend more but other than that, good work
  13. I like your need something picture spectacular use of arrows
  14. other than the shadow not being there the Sansa really good I really like the water into wine sig
  15. I like the second daredevil one. The first one is too blurry and it screws up the really nice background you had
  16. The Sage avatar looks squished though
  17. I like the fireburst sig and the background of the sage sig
  18. Thanks Here is the ice version to go with the fire version. They're made with the same pic Another picture I made Along with the sig
  19. Nice sig. :o Polar inversion? Though the name seems a little out of place...
  20. Did you flatten/merge the layers before rendering?
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