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  1. How do get that text effect on your 'illuminatum' sig? I've been trying to work it out but I truly have no idea...

  2. Xbox looks like it was cut out from an official advert or something, its that good. Awesome job on recreating it.
  3. Merry Christmas everyone. Whatever you're planning, have an awesome day.
  4. The bright yellow box on the right bugs me, but its a nice site otherwise.
  5. I've edited some tips in the quote above. What i've written is in bold. Additional plugins you may need are in italics. You can search for these individually or just go to the plugins section of the forum and download the packs from threads that are pinned. http://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/cutting-out-images/ If you want to customize a car this tut will be a big help in doing what you want to do. You'll have to cut each part out that you want to modify or replace. If you're relatively new to PDN, then i suggest familiarising yourself with the program by trying out some tuts in the newbie playground, here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/20-newbie-playground/. Modifying a stock image of a car to look tuned is not easy, and will take a fair amount of effort if you plan on changing the stock car significantly, which it looks like you're planning to do. Good luck, and don't give up. Persevere and you will succeed.
  6. Easy. Buy a MBP and you get a slimmer laptop that looks better, with a glowy apple logo on the lid thingy! Apple's design is dope. I'm going to install Windows 7 on my MBP only for gaming and probably PDN purposes; otherwise i'll mainly use OS X. Macs are hard to customize, but why would you want to, it looks awesome as default skins anyway. Agreed though that cost is the big issue, but its down to preference really. I read something somewhere on the net before i actually bought it, and it went something like: Those who own a Mac will say its worth the money, those who don't will say its too expensive (applies to most/some people only). Will admit though, i still have my old laptop until i get round to installing 7 on the MBP. There are still some things that it seems easier to do in Windows.
  7. I think the page would be better if the translator wasn't with the actual content, and in the sidebar or something. Also, not liking the poor quality of the image in header, but i think you've done that to keep the file size down? Its great overall though. Like Crimson said, very intuitive.
  8. 126,000 x42,000 pixels, whoa. Thats 5300 MegaPixels lol. I doubt you need such a high resolution for a 30x10ft banner, unless you need it printed an exquisite detail. I think that a smaller canvas size would work, but if you up the dpi, then you could probably get away with working at smaller sizes. I'm not too sure though, i don't print much of the stuff i do on PDN.
  9. Well my dream spec would be maxing out a Mac Pro, but i'm over the moon with what i have now. Used to have a 6 year old Sony Vaio, with 512 MB RAM, and some other bloody potato specs. Now, after a year or two of saving up, i've got a standard spec 2.53Ghz MBP, with an awesome looking anti-glare screen.
  10. The 550i is one sweet car, but i'd rather save up for an R8 instead. Rick, you should go to the Autobahn in Germany and max out that BMW. \
  11. LFC4EVER


    aguba, your text effects are amazing, really amazing. Just love 'em.
  12. I am now the proud owner of a 15" MacBook Pro. I it.
  13. Drgrit - 6/10 The colours class too much for me, but the effect is pretty neat. Great work. Axle - 9/10 Loving the pixely effect, it looks awesome. The red dot is a nice touch too. The text bugs me.
  14. you have some good work here and i can see you're experimenting, which is fab. The fiery, twisty, snail type piece is my favourite. Looks great! I've gotta say this though, judging by the quality of the work you've posted in this gallery, it doesn't seem to me as if you made the following piece entirely in PDN, especially the water. http://i1028.photobucket.com/albums/y348/PsychoHarmonic/th_boom.png It looks to me as if you used a stock and photo manipulated it. You may think different, but many others and I think that it is ok to use stocks in your work. What is seen as 'wrong', is claiming that you created the stock from scratch. Thats my view anyway. I'm just putting this out there, and I may be wrong, in fact, i hope i am, because the effect that was supposedly acheived is incredibly realistic.
  15. I don't think so. I took your image, and then one that flip posted (resized to 100x89) of course. Ran auto level on both. The same horizontal stripes occur in both. There is really only one plausible explanation for this, and most of us know what that it. see below for proof.
  16. 11, well.. 10 days to go for F1 2010. :D :D
  17. If it was 100% in PDN from scratch, its astounding work. You really should try and recreate the effect, or something similar and post a tut. If thats not possible, then please post the .pdn file somewhere. I'd love to take a look! Btw, my only critique is that the colours are too monotone. Some variation in hue would help. __________________ olav.k.m, that texture is awesome. Fabulous piece!
  18. Haha, thanks. Everyone who entered produced some fantastic work, and i agree with barbieq25, the work does show the significance of the community-like feel of the forum. People are improving in their artwork constantly. Its great!
  19. You can post your masterpiece in the Pictorium for everyone to see though. We can all gaze in awe at it, perhaps?
  20. I've made the the starfield, but thats about it. I hope to enter this, but i'll probably enter the next one if i can't meet the deadline. Extending the deadline isn't really necessary if an additional 2+ entries are given in.
  21. Clever tut and a great result. I'm gonna experiement with this to try and mimic PS' chisel hard layer style effect. Thanks.
  22. This tutorial may help: http://www.isimonbrown.co.uk/cutting-out-images/ combine it with alpha masking and you should get yourself a clean cut out, except the hair, which is always a problem.
  23. try the above plugin. you'll need to make white dots on a black background for it to work though.
  24. Thanks. the lighter hairs stand out because each shade of each strand of hair was done invdividually (gradient bars ), but i've still gotta get the layered look right, it seems off to me at second glance.
  25. great tut and a neat result. olav.k.m, that is a very realistic toad texture. Awesome.
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