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  1. Looks like you have just gotten better and better. Really wonderful to see your great work.
  2. Looks like the last time I was here was around Christmas last year. I guess there are many new people here now and I have fallen into obsurity. My need to create art has turned in a new direction and I am now making stuffed animals and selling them on Etsy. I have also printed some of my own fabric recently and pdn is proveing to be valuable in that regaurd. I think of all my old friends here and wish you a Happy Holiday season. Janett Sue
  3. Hello all my old friends, I so miss being here. I have been looking around at all the wonderful images that are being created and feel I miss out not being here more. I still use paint.net often but more to edit than create. I have turned my need to create to sewing, another great love of mine. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all that read this. Smiles, janettsue
  4. Hello! I just checked out your Google site, pretty nice. I watched the orange video. What do you use to make your video? I have Jing but have not had time to try it. I enjoyed your apophysis. I play around with it some.
  5. I wanted to post so that everyone would know I have not fallen of the face of the earth yet. Life is just so busy but I guess that is a good thing. My how things changed. You go away for a little while and when you come back everything looks different. I don't get to play with my pdn as much as I would like but I still love it as much as every.
  6. Only QuickBooks 2010 (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Solutions) is designed to be compatible with Windows 7 (I've still heard of some problems). While I am saying that it is compatible, if you go to Intuits site and look up systems requirements for Enterprise Solutions you will find that Windows 7 is not on the list. You can still install and run QuickBooks 2007, 2008 and 2009 on Windows 7, but you may encounter problems Intuit says they cannot resolve. Not something anyone wants to have happen to their company books. While I have 2010 Premier Accountants Edition and Enterprise Solutions Accountants Editions 10.0 and they are backwards compatible to a point I am reluctant just yet to uninstall my earlier editions. Intuits Cash Register Plus only runs on 32bit. I hope they will upgrade that soon. I am just going to bide my time till I know the kinks are worked out. If I have to open a company file created on an old edition I want to be able to. In a perfect world you would hope if someone upgraded their OS they would upgrade their accounting system as well. I would much rather be doing paint.net than QuickBooks.
  7. I would love to upgrade to windows 7 but I have to take into consideration other programs that I run on my computer that take priority and at present have problems with windows 7 and some with 64bit. I know in time the problems will all be worked out and I will be able to upgrade. I assume others may have similar problems with programs they use. If you use your computer for work it is a good idea to check the programs you work with for compatibility before you upgrade. Great job on the new forum!
  8. I want one of those! I have one on my lap making me nuts right now. I love it Helen!
  9. Thank you all! Some more old stuff. I made these with a traditional double nine grid that quilters use. It has always fascinated me how color can change everything. I love this one, Quilters call it a card trick I put this one up so you could see the grid. It is 9 squares inside 9 squares. I worked a very long time on all of these. This was in the same folder. It was a tutorial I was working on in 2007
  10. Some of the images are not showing up for me. olav.k.m be careful madjik's plug-ins as well as abstracts can be addictive Ryberg360 I think that is beautiful Possum Roadkill you have so much going on in that image but there is something appealing about how busy it is, the colors are great. hippotipus looks like that would be a great screen saver myoriah kaleidoscope is one of my favorites, that is what I used to make the images I am posting I have not posted in here for a while, Happy Valentines to all Which color do you like best? I started out doing some hearts but the star took over.
  11. You really have a way of making appealing images. Apples are wonderful.
  12. Thanks for the link to the eye tut, you did a great job on your eye. The dragon's head is wonderful as is the color.
  13. Thank you for the wonderful valentine! Smiles!
  14. Thanks Helen, I hope you mean that because I have more to come Thanks sokagirl I was thinking of putting hearts up for Valentines Day but then I came across this one that has a lacy look to me.
  15. I love the rose but even more than that I love 'Simplicity'.
  16. I think the tut was called 'make a chain' I found a link to it but like so many links I get the message 'You are not authorised to view' yes they misspell authorized. I hope if you find out why this is or if they fix it you will let me know. Sokagirl I am liking your dented Heart. Hope your dog feels better soon. If you can't find the -how to make links- tut let me know I have a folder full of tuts that I printed out and I might have it. Your last image reminded me of the scary look on my cats face when she wants something.
  17. I really like looking at your work, love the gold stuff and the flowers.
  18. Thanks Helen and sokagirl, I saw a dragon like that with a butterfly on his noes somewhere, must of been in a child's coloring book. This was an image I thought of using as an alternative on my first gallery page but changed my mind. I was really into making frames for a while. The filmstrip tut was one of the first I worked on and I never did get it just right
  19. Saw your frog and had to come tell you how wonderful he is!!!
  20. Thanks Helen and sokagirl. Welshblue that is a nice thing to hear thanks. Keeping with my "Things from my old files" theme. This was done in 2007 but I have updated it by cleaning up the lines. I didn't always keep my PDN files then so I just had to work with what I had. My Dragon could never do battle with oma's.
  21. Pretty and really great colors
  22. That is what I was thinking I love the use of dents.
  23. More from my files: Goonfella thanks for taking the time to stop by my gallery. Thanks so much sokagirl
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