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  1. oh... i've almost forgot, today seems to be the mentally challengend language day
  2. Coincidence? and now the new audio preview feature on youtube... I love it when I write "omg lol you suck xD!" xD
  3. let's stalk him :O This guy is called Rick Brewster, too. yay pals forever! BFF xD
  4. to make more money.... -the answer to 76% of all questions
  5. You have white nike shoes!! And they are still as white as at the day you've bought them at footlocker!! YOU CANT DENY IT! don't destroy my view of the world xD
  6. There's plenty of individuality going on even in the same brand. I'd give you pictures as examples if I could, but I don't have them. Just accept it, it's a fact. scrn =D
  7. I'm flabbergasted, this band is amazing! I mean, really amazing. They're German, kind of operatic, monumental I believe the term is, up-beat rhythm. Fantastic combination.Thanks Hitman. very funny that I've never heard of them before
  8. Don't forget, you aren't allowed to drive fast ;-) 80mp/h maximum... I... did both? Multitasking! I always knew it...pyrochild must be a woman. True Fact.
  9. Aren't they very expensive "over there" since the dollar is so weak against the euro?
  10. I meant the animation was crappy. They tried to produce a comic style movie like Liechtenstein. But come on the faces were horrible and they moved like they were wearing clinker stones in their small intestine... Anyone shares my opinion? Anyone? hmm...
  11. no that hasn't anything to do with youtube, I mean the faces and the emotions are very bad designed... and the movements... the entire video is pretty 2003
  12. the song is pretty good. but the video is although pretty crappy >:O
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