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  1. oh... i've almost forgot, today seems to be the mentally challengend language day
  2. where's the poll >_> voluntarily is a word you can chase me with:)
  3. I actually don't know if there's a video file available, but if you press "F1" there is a helpfile, which teaches you the basics of the program. I don't think that the used english is that hard to understand, but if there are still some questions, you can send me a personal message in German.
  4. Do you mean the Hex code? Which starts with a hash #? Press F8 (The colour window will pop-up) --> "More >>" --> Hex: #XXXXXX or do you mean the R G and B values? If so, do the same
  5. Coincidence? and now the new audio preview feature on youtube... I love it when I write "omg lol you suck xD!" xD
  6. Link Beer More Beer Sixtin Chapel a 10 minute job... this time I probably won't vote for my self
  7. let's stalk him :O This guy is called Rick Brewster, too. yay pals forever! BFF xD
  8. Trace around your teeth with the lasso, copy and paste them on a new layer, set it to screen and lower the opacity to 50-60%....
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