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  1. @barkbark: I like how he added the shadows to the corners to make it look like he took a picture of a drawing @oma: I like the picture. Except it looks more like a broken orb. But it's still amazing
  2. Tales of Symphonia. Best gamecube game EVER *cough* that aside... they're good pics, but the blue lines in front of Zelos are slightly distracting if you're using a red background for that
  3. Try to get text that matches more for the last two
  4. I think he might have used scatter fragment also. thumbnails don't lose quality because if you click them they go to the full quality version *goes off and changes his own gallery* EDIT: I meant Fragment, not scatter
  5. I like the smoothed glossy look to the last two Metallicas
  6. feather on some of them But other than that, nice pictures. And I also like the Linkin Park on the wall one the best
  7. Feather it a bit. It's a plugin. You can get it http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22819&hilit=feather
  8. They're pretty good but some of them look a bit aliased (Don't know if that's paint.net's fault or your 3D program's fault)
  9. Reminds of the movie Cats and Dogs... Sorta want to watch it again, but then I remember that it wasn't very good
  10. Yeah, the moon isn't a circle... And it the moon seems fuzzy and too pale (I know it's because of the clouds but it looks a little out of place) But I like the blackened and slightly blurred hills on the bottom
  11. They're all pretty good. I especially like the dragon one. The top too are too tall to be sigs though...
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