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  1. Ash


    Greetings everyone, I never used any social networks, such as facebook, twitter.....etc. (I signed up for an account but never used it) However, I am just trying out Google+ now.....like JUST NOW! If anyone wants an invite, PM me with your email, or email me directly to my gmail AshPDN (Or if you already have Google+, just add me). I'll try to be as quick as I can. I will send the invites to the users I know first. Be as you wanna keep in touch with me, or just wanna try Google+ out to see what all the fuss is about. **Before you start, I ask you to be careful of what info you share on the internet...check all the settings in google+, make sure you are not sharing anything you don't want.** Who knows, maybe this social networking could turn out to be a good way for me to keep in touch with you guys and gals. Best regards to all of you. Ash
  2. Ash


    Has not been easy few years for business, having a positive outlook for next year it seems, fingers crossed. Then hopefully I can be back more often, ho ho ho.....of wait.
  3. Ash


    Hello all, I am still alive Just been busy with my business, real world problems does take the front seat. Hope this message find good health with all of you, Merry Xmas/happy holidays and a happy new year. See you around, I'll be back.
  4. Ash


    Dear All, I am just busy busy busy, my bed is not even warm and I have to travel again! Considering the economy like this, I should feel lucky I guess. I have many big projects coming up next year and maybe have to add Brazil, Thailand....etc etc to my trips! On top of my already usual Asia trips. But believe me, I have NOT abandon PDN nor all of you. I will be back!! Wishing everyone a wonderful holidays and a happy new year! Warmest regards Ash ================================================================================= Beta, Yeah, what Possum RK said. Practice Practice Practice. Good luck and enjoy PDN. Don't stop trying. Everyone has to start somewhere. Check out my gallery and you will see some really awful stuff in my earlier work. I got better with the help of people like Ash. You can get better too, but not if you give up now. I know if Ash were around right now, he would tell you to keep trying and reading the tuts and to learn from everyone else on here. It takes time and effort and anyone will tell you that anything worth doing takes effort. Now get back to work ! Sir yes sir!! XD oma, sokagirl, Possum Roadkill & Mendo, Thank you
  5. Ding ding ding, that's why I asked you how are you doing it. Follow Sozo's advice.
  6. Press F1 key while using PDN, read everything there. Click on "more" button in the color window.
  7. Deleting everything and just install the packs would be faster. Then hunt down the non-packed single ones.
  8. Deleting everything and just install the packs would be faster. Then hunt down the non-packed single ones.
  9. It depends on what and how you want to touch up.
  10. It depends on what and how you want to touch up.
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