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Make a Cue Stick

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Have you ever wanted to make a cue stick? Probably not, but after this tutorial, you will be making sticks.

Actually it is so easy that this will probably get locked up shortly :) .

You will need the shape 3-d plugin for this tutorial.

Step 1. Open your wood texture image. You say you don't have one. It doesn't matter because we have all seen cue sticks that aren't

wood colored, or even made of wood, for that matter. So just open your favorite texture then. Mine is 800x600.


This will be the base of the Cue stick. Then addnewlayer.jpg.

Step 2. On the second layer we will make the upper shaft of the Cue, the rubber base, and the felt tip.

Upper Shaft; First choose the "rectangletool.jpg" tool and drawfilledshape.jpg. Start at 350, 0 and fill upper part of canvas with a color (or another texture)


Add noise with default intensity and coverage, and 0 color saturation


Next add motion blur with angle 90 and distance 50, [check] centered.


Rubber Base; The rubber base is as simple as drawing a black-filled rectangle at the bottom of the second layer. I started it at 590, 0 and fill the bottom.


Felt Tip; The felt tip will be made at the top of the second layer, also using filled rectangle. Choose white as your color and start at 15, 0 and fill the top,

then choose a greenish gray color and start at 2, 0 and fill the top.


Merge the two layers.

Step 3. Choose effects, Shape 3-D, and use these settings (adjust to your liking)...


to get this effect...


*EDIT* At this point you may want to stretch the stick out to get a more natural look. Simply make your secondary color in your color palette completely transparent, then increase the size of your canvas. Now you can stretch the stick.

Step 4. Add some felt, and few balls, and some shadows to get a finished product. Show your work, please.


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Hmm normally a Cue is tapered...but still, very nice^^

Here's my queue

You will have to play with the object rotation and height more in order to get the tapered effect. Start with the settings above and adjust to your liking. Nice looking stick otherwise.

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