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  1. Just stopped by to say Hi everyone. I see many new names on the site but glad to see some I actually recognize. Enjoying all the art you all have been posting, ciao OMA
  2. oma

    Oma's gallery

    hi all just a real shameless post to bring this nearer the top so I can find it more easily. ciao OMA ps hope some of the newer members find some things to help them out.
  3. Hi everyone just checking in, viewing all the great work done in the past year. Things are going well at my end, remarried this past year to a tall handsome Texan. Just call me miss Tex for now. Take care everyone! This is still one of the greatest forums around. ciao Oma
  4. Thanks for new version Rick will be working with it tomorrow full tilt. ciao for now Oma
  5. perhaps get into the habit of naming your layers. sometimes just the simple little word text instead of layer 1, 2 3 etc helps when working with multiple layers. Its something you will appreciate getting into the habit of doing when you start working with more than 20 layer images. ciao OMA PS I know its not what you asked but as you are at the beginning of using the program its an excellent habit to get into.
  6. I can not even imagine how narrowed this fellows life must have been. To see only in shades of grey, now that would be so utterly depressing. I was fascinated by this article how he could with this device now hear color. http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-buzz/eyeborg-neil-harbisson-hears-colour-head-mounted-camera-193727166.html ciao OMA
  7. left clik and use the arrow keys. up down or across horizontally either way? is that what you mean.
  8. well said Barbie being in the 50+ and then some group I truly beleive that you are correct good/happy times count as double. if it helps here is a quote I tend to live by. Look up the author on google fascinating gentleman Bertrand Russell What we need is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out. This quote can be applied to all areas of our lives, generally low self esteem leads to unhappiness. Overcoming the fear of not fitting in, being overlooked etc. is correctable with a positive self image. This is an excellent article from the internet about boosting your self esteem. Well written, easy to understand and most important of all doable. http://www.true.com/magazine/dating_be_true.htm print it out type up the key points and paste them on your bathroom mirror where you will see them every morning when you brush your teeth and get ready to face the day. It works
  9. open your image make duplicate layer of it (you have two exactly alike) on top on set brightness/contrast -21 and 100 on bottom one 0 and 100 use rectangle select and cut out the bottom half of the top one. merge the two layers use your paint brush with white to get rid of the writting. ciao OMA
  10. those shapes look better. appears you've managed to keep all the lines perpendicular in them. go with the one you find easier to draw, just make sure all perspective is done on the same plane or you will get one wonky world. you can sometimes get away with fudging perspective on some pictures, doesn't work for every drawing though. ciao
  11. actually the 26.565 is discordinate looking. if you were drawing a home/house shape it would indicate a slanted roof with the higher side at the left top. the bottom box is more true to shape perspective wise. watch your perpendicular lines when drawing box shapes. ciao OMA
  12. today I was reading about HTML5 sounds like like I need to purchase a newwwwww visual quickstart guide very soon. ciao OMA
  13. LOL! and the great Madjik has no limitations as to creativity. Love the new shapes especially that butterfly. ciao OMA
  14. oma

    Oma's gallery

    Aislin good to see you are still around. I've seen some of your latest works really nicely done. I'll be back after Christmas It will take me awhile to get reoriented to all the nice changes Rick has done since last year. And the plugin boys have certainly been busy! (I can see some pleasant plugin mashing coming in my near future.) LOL! ciao OMA and a very Merry Xmas to you sweety
  15. oma

    Oma's gallery

    I'm still here in the background, loving how my little chicks are progressing. I see so many fine art works from the three of you it makes me proud I had a little say in starting you all out on your paint.net . ciao OMA MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE ON THE FORUM. hope to be back in the swing of things in the new year.....then you can all be teaching me the little tricks on the newer versions of the program. LOL!
  16. I'm still around not quite as active this year but hope in the new year to take up where I left off last year. good to see you return. ciao OMA
  17. Madjik awesome plugin addition thanks ever so much ciao OMA PS have a great Christmas
  18. oh my true joy....... like an early Christmas gift. something new to play with. Beleive me I'm in early stages of using it in picture and find I'm overjoyed. thanks so much for sharing with us. ciao OMA
  19. Canon by far superior. ciao OMA edit at least in my opinion all depends on what type of images you wish to produce. both are really good cameras I'm just partial to Canon, as that's what the last 3 major purchase cameras for me have been.
  20. from pg 49 in my gallery I did a tulip using the very first version of smudge. If I was to do this picture again. Liquify would be a better option for some of the shaping.
  21. Wonderful plugin thanks ever so much for sharing with us. It's been a long while since I've done any tut's but this just might address some of the drawing problems I need to explain in the idea kicking around in my head right now. ciao OMA
  22. Jake2 one of my fav's and as Welshy says a great early influence to my art work. Welshy well now he's one heck of a great fellow. Always willing to share and I'm glad to say a friend of mine since he started here on Paint.net. both so famous in my opinion. ciao OMA
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