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  1. The reports of my departure are greatly exaggerated. Nice to meet you too. I'm not long gone; just working hard on three personal projects. One is a website, and two are children. Which gives me precious little time to moderate, sadly. I'd say I'm back forever, but who can predict such things? I can say I have a bit more margin now.
  2. Does that mean they're only going to do bug fixes for it? If so, what sort of features were they adding before?
  3. Paint.NET gets a shout-out in the latest Computerphile video! Only 7 seconds in. The video is complicated, but super useful for visualizing how image resizing works.
  4. If you're running Windows XP, your Paint.NET problems are the least of your issues. Microsoft discontinued security support for that OS over two years ago, which means that if your system hasn't already been compromised (that is, hacked), it likely soon will be.
  5. Very cool. I'll have to take a look at that. You get used to it after a while, if you use it for a while. It becomes an extension of your hand after some time. At least it did for me. For sure. The best in class for screen-based tablets is the Wacom Cintiq, which runs somewhere in the $1,000 USD anyway.
  6. Only just. Your best bet would be a used Wacom Graphire 4, which can be found on Amazon for $40 USD (around €35 EUR). Nothing new in that price range would really be worth buying. Other than being mapped 1:1 with the screen (where, as you say, if you touch the top left corner of the tablet it will click the top left corner of the screen), the Wacom Tablet works just like a mouse. The pointer moves around the screen as you hover your stylus above the tablet, and when you press down, it "clicks." I'm not aware of any. Since tablets work just like mice, Paint.NET is fine for the purpose; the only downside is that it doesn't support pressure sensitivity. Good luck!
  7. When you paste something in, it is automatically selected. You do NOT have to flatten the image. You just have to deselect the pixels or choose the correct layer.
  8. "Common" is used as a basic repository of code that the plugin authors in question use in all of their plugins, so that they can develop more quickly. No plugins actually appear in the program for those files, but they are necessary for other of their plugins to function. As for standalone effects, you'll need to check the Plugin Index. Some plugin authors make their plugins available as standalone downloads, some don't. I believe Ed is in the latter category, but I'm not sure.
  9. Yes, absolutely it would. Well, it would speed up launch, at least. PdN checks every plugin for compatibility every time the program opens, so the more plugins you have the longer that process would take. You can always pull plugins out of the root /Paint.NET/Effects folder and put them into a subfolder - such as /Paint.NET/Effects/Archive - where they won't be seen by the program but will be easily available if you find that you need them later.
  10. Not quite. You don't have to flatten the image, you just have to deselect the pixels you have selected from pasting in the screenshot. Hit Ctrl+D. Or, potentially, you're working on a layer that is covered up by the screenshot. Take a look and make sure the layer you're trying to draw upon is at the top. Paint.NET, like other image editors, only affects the pixels within the selection area on the selected layer. This doesn't violate Principle of Least Surprise, as it's standard for all image editors.
  11. That rule doesn't apply in the Localization forum.
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