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  1. The reports of my departure are greatly exaggerated. Nice to meet you too. I'm not long gone; just working hard on three personal projects. One is a website, and two are children. Which gives me precious little time to moderate, sadly. I'd say I'm back forever, but who can predict such things? I can say I have a bit more margin now.
  2. Does that mean they're only going to do bug fixes for it? If so, what sort of features were they adding before?
  3. Very cool. I'll have to take a look at that. You get used to it after a while, if you use it for a while. It becomes an extension of your hand after some time. At least it did for me. For sure. The best in class for screen-based tablets is the Wacom Cintiq, which runs somewhere in the $1,000 USD anyway.
  4. Only just. Your best bet would be a used Wacom Graphire 4, which can be found on Amazon for $40 USD (around €35 EUR). Nothing new in that price range would really be worth buying. Other than being mapped 1:1 with the screen (where, as you say, if you touch the top left corner of the tablet it will click the top left corner of the screen), the Wacom Tablet works just like a mouse. The pointer moves around the screen as you hover your stylus above the tablet, and when you press down, it "clicks." I'm not aware of any. Since tablets work just like mice, Paint.NET is fine for the pur
  5. That rule doesn't apply in the Localization forum.
  6. Mini-Tut #17 Fingerpaint Effect by Ego Eram Reputo, in response to oldzort Original thread: increase thickness in line drawings Original post: 516392
  7. Meh. I have Ubuntu on the other partition of the computer I'm typing on right now, and I never boot into it. Like, ever. I think the last time was ten or eleven months ago. I think Linux is a fine OS, but since Windows already does everything I want it to anyway, why bother switching?
  8. You're one heck of a risk-taker. Yeesh. I wouldn't dare to risk that.
  9. Thanks. I've reported him to YouTube as a scam.
  10. I saw a quote by JJ Abrams about Star Wars Episode VII and posted a thread on Reddit about it. It, uh...kind of blew up. (Warning: it's Reddit, so there will be some language and cynicism there.)
  11. I think he knows. He built the program. Red Ochre's reply is correct. PDN if there are layers, PNG if not.
  12. Mini-Tut #16 Erasing Basics by Cc4FuzzyHuggles, in response to MisterMan505 Original thread: Eraser Original post: 514169
  13. But not more convenient to have to recreate a lossless image from scratch because you accidentally forgot to change from the default.
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