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that is awesome killer K. i really like how you integrated abstract with realism i am working on making a steak lol but i cant seem to get it to turn out like i want it :roll:



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i finally managed to get my head around creating leaves and decided to add them to my rose, just for Welsh :wink:. Hope you all like! [gradual updates of the rose and other pieces are in my gallery]


That IS a photo. Of the flower, I am sure. The leaves might be as well.

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@ Welshblue, You are correct, a drake is a male duck and a mandrill is a monkey. In fact it is one of the largest monkeys and has a blue and red face and a bright red bum. Awesome tree ! We see a lot of trees like the one on the side of the hill in southern Indiana and Kentucky but they are often Red Cedar. They seem to grow in places where other conifers will not. I have seen many fir like the one in your image though while in parts of Wisconsin and Michigan around Lake Michigan.

Oh and PLEASE do the tut on the stone wall !! PLEASE !!!! Not only do you do the best wood textures (along with Goonfella) but you are the stone master with your walls. The best !

@yy10 Really nice images. If I didn't know that you did them in PdN, I would say they were scans of water colors. Very nice technique. Keep it up !

@ KillerK That is a beautiful image. Simple yet elegant. Very well done.

@ Theonlychad. Steak as art? Sure why not? You might try a texture like what Welshblue uses in his wood. I know that sounds crazy, but think about it, wood and meat both have a grain to them. Eh?

Has anyone else noticed that Ash has a new avatar?


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Crimson he's got WIP shots in his gallery. However, I, too, am a bit skeptical because of the pixelation and stretching issues...

I'm on the fence about the validity :?

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Here's my latest attempt at realism:

War Merit Cross First Class:


War Merit second Class


I tried to copy the details of my original second class as closely as possible (Except the patina that has developed).

That can be seen here: http://fallschirm-jaeger.deviantart.com ... -133291657

From what I've seen on better condition originals, the finish wasn't really shiny, so I tried to dim down the shine a bit on them.

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