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  1. What does everybody think of this? A it more tolerable than current?Going for simplicity at the moment.
  2. Thanks. I'm trying to think of what to make next....
  3. Here's one a bit more abstract....I simply refer to it as an Escher cube. urned out fairly well for my first try and in 15 minutes.
  4. Thanks! I was bored and playing with random renders and effects....eventually those are what came to be. My current desktop is a variation of the firs one.... Very interesting....a bit bright for me, but overall, pretty awesome....like looking through a kaliedoscope(sp?).
  5. Thanks Oma! Just to answer your question, I filled in a few squares with a few colours....a bit trippy. I might make a similer one using a multi colour gradient to fill in the black squares. Maybe I should've used a bit less colour? For some reason I feel I added too much
  6. I'm wondering if this is appropriate to ask here....I've a feeling that if I post a thread elsewhere it will be locked rather quickly.... but I need an idea for a sig to go with the new avatar.....
  7. Sure....you bought a cheap harddrive! I cleaned mine regularly (unintentionly) but it worked each time. But it turns out they don't like extreme heat (some wierd melting problem....I guess at 1200° they turn to liquid)
  8. My 8GB flash drive decided to stop working today Losing data sucks. Hah! My flash drive got destoryed in a car fire/accident! I win! I think
  9. Good luck getting your drive to work... -Rant- Never let friends come up with nicknames based on your stupidity, for I am now Fail Man the Eliminator.
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