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  1. PDM:2 NN:3 #NN wins. Rafroller: 0 Xzerizon: 1 Take the time to read the first post of this thread, it explains a lot. Please.
  2. 5/10. Think.This.Sig.Rating.Thing.Would.Be.a lot.More.Competitive.If.We. Mades.Vids.Of.Us.Creating.The.Signature.And.Rated.On.Skill.Rather.Than.The.Outcome. Sound.Interesting.To.Anyone.Else? Rate:
  3. Sfifer - 2 TheHowler - 0 -I.Think.We'd.Have.a lot.More.Sig.Comps.If.It.Was.Less.About.Explaining.What.You.Think.And.More.About.Beating.The.Other.Guy...
  4. Chrisco: 3 Phantom: 1 #Winner: Chrisco @Chrisco97, love that sig. I'll enter with this. Sketchy, took forty layers when I finished. Maybe too much time on it hah.
  5. A new desktop for my netbook. 1024 X 600 screen so I used the same dimensions. 100% PDN.
  6. @Chaosportal, that is pretty sick man . @Kev, perhaps the colors are too contrasting but its a cool abstract.
  7. I may eventually. For now I added a wallpaper and a strange logo butterfly. Both 100% PDN:
  8. #Stone85: 3 #Cortez: 0 @Stone, nice lighting and great placement of the render. Maybe I'd add a bit more blending to the renders edges but the background fits nicely. Good job on the text. @Cortez, I like the concept but it does seem excessively large. Make it smaller and blend the render with the background a little more and it'll be pretty nice. Good idea, just needs a few touches in my opinion.
  9. Stone85: 3 Drgrit: 1 #Winner: Stone85 @Stone, could use a little less blurring around the edges but not a bad signature. Background seems empty with just the black. @Drgrit, wasnt sure what was screenshot or PDN in your signature. Maybe add more depth, the lighting is alright. The random lines around the signature was a cool touch. Text and color scheme seem a bit off to me.
  10. And I suppose I'll enter with my newest: #paint dot mike: 0 #K_I_N_G: 0
  11. #Stone85: 1 #Jake 0: 3 #Winner: Jake 0 @Stone85, I understand what you were going for but it could use some help getting there. The render only fits with the background from the tone of its shadow and the shadows along the edges of the signature. Shadows meaning the black space. The background is nice with its changes in tone, but the render could use some work blending into it. @Jake 0, add a border and I love this signature.
  12. @ptuZ, Perhaps too much black on the left. Empty space. Text could use some work. It has potential and great colors so I'll give it a 7.6/10. A new version of my current. Tell me what you think?
  13. I'll enter with my new one I suppose. #pdnnoob: 0 #K_I_N_G: 0
  14. #CSM725: 2 #ptuZ:1 @CSM725, Right hand bottom corner needs a bit of work around the edges. I might have used the white transparent lines in a different manner for the final product. Didn't notice anything particularly wrong with it, has a good flow and a nice foundation. @ptuZ, has a nice background and the placement of the render was great. Text is a little edgy and could use some transparency or shine to it so it doesn't look pasted on there. The render needs a bit more blending into the background. The render could use some more work. Good concept.
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