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  1. love your sig effect with the bubbles you should make a tutorial! (if you havent already did...)

  2. yes shaving does become quite tiresome especially if you have sensitive skin. You have to find a razor that doesn't mess your face up and some shaving creme that reduces irritation. I currently am using the new shick hyrdro 5 blade razor. Works like a charm and doesn't irritate the face.
  3. Well stargate universe is back on and I have to say the show has gotten insanely interesting and i quite enjoyed the latest episode entitled human.
  4. Its a 4 speed automatic I am dreadfully lazy when it comes to driving. I learned to drive on a manual wouldn't mind having one but the monster of convenience won on this one. After i pay this vehicle off i will probably go with a manual but I am absolutely in love with this car. Its quick nimble and smooth .
  5. Yeah the car in my sig is my scion XD I absolutely enjoy the car. I am gonna do some mods to it but that comes later when i get some more cash built up
  6. he added a finger to the hand which is pretty complicated to do.
  7. I had to giggle at this one twas funny indeed!
  8. That would be the reason not everyone needs a tank to drive.
  9. wonderful new image mate spot on with the metallic look. Also this new forum i found that the page numbers differ by person depending on how they have the forum settings. I decided to just start updating the first page so i don't confuse people by my thread title by stating a page number they may not see.
  10. ahhh! Ye olde band days. I played a tuba in high school. Even marched in the 2004 memorial day parade in washington d.c.(that was the year they opened the wwII memorial). I was a fat kid carrying an 80 pound silver sousaphone. I got heat exhaustion that day too puked my guts up in a parking lot lmao!
  11. On the rant side of things, I may end up kicking someone in the nether regions at the car dealership Saturday because they are trying to give me the run around. Nothing but a bunch of blimey snakes I tell ya. edit: Lmao i need to learn to read i quoted something from 2007
  12. oh man i just watched Wednesdays episode of south park and it was hilarious. You have 0 friends is the name of the episode and it made fun of facebook lol.
  13. bwhahahhaaa! the cuddly monster of death! meh i need to work on my sig and avatar combo i was tired when making them.... bad idea having hardly any sleep and using pdn.
  14. lovely jewel work barbiq i love the new works
  15. chillin like a villian

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