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  1. love your sig effect with the bubbles you should make a tutorial! (if you havent already did...)

  2. in general it is a bad idea. As others have stated if it isn't broke don't fix it.
  3. yes shaving does become quite tiresome especially if you have sensitive skin. You have to find a razor that doesn't mess your face up and some shaving creme that reduces irritation. I currently am using the new shick hyrdro 5 blade razor. Works like a charm and doesn't irritate the face.
  4. Well it looks like SGU is back! Is anyone else still watching the series. If not you guys are missing a pretty good storyline. One of the newer episodes replaced time as my favorite. Human was an insanely good episode. The series keeps getting better and better in my opinion.
  5. thanks barbie, soka, and csm. I just posted a new image that i am quite proud of. It is a result of a tutorial by sargon on the pdn fanatics forum.
  6. yes i know that . I just liked how the image looked with that many tiles . Added new image called nucleation. Abstract once again
  7. I absolutely love the orange one mate. Make sure when your finished it is wallpaper size.*hint* Preferably 1366x768 *hint*. I will totally rock that on my desktop. It is already looking like a winner and i can't wait to see the finished image.
  8. Thank you all for the kind words. I greatly appreciate it. I have been in an abstract mood lately and fueled by system of a down i came up with an abstract. I hope you guys enjoy.
  9. Not much of a straight coffee drinker here. My morning drink of choice is normally a cappuccino. French vanilla to be exact. But i voted yes for coffee because cappuccino is basically fluffed up coffee
  10. Well stargate universe is back on and I have to say the show has gotten insanely interesting and i quite enjoyed the latest episode entitled human.
  11. lol looks like welshy and goonie are trying for the pauly shore award this year.
  12. Its a 4 speed automatic I am dreadfully lazy when it comes to driving. I learned to drive on a manual wouldn't mind having one but the monster of convenience won on this one. After i pay this vehicle off i will probably go with a manual but I am absolutely in love with this car. Its quick nimble and smooth .
  13. Yeah the car in my sig is my scion XD I absolutely enjoy the car. I am gonna do some mods to it but that comes later when i get some more cash built up
  14. he added a finger to the hand which is pretty complicated to do.
  15. That would be the reason not everyone needs a tank to drive.
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