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here's my try at ash's fur/grass tutorial lol it didnt turn out quite how i wanted it too... any tips or suggestions are great.

Hidden Content:

Use different settings to make each so they look different.

Use higher quality setting so the grass is smoother.

Try to put some in the front also so it will have depth.

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Great job on this. Looking pretty realistic, but the treads on the tyre look flat. If the white and black part of the bevel are on a separate layer, then set the blend mode to something like overlay and maybe lower opacity to give it a engraved look. :)

Maybe add more chrome to the rim of the tyre.

Great job overall though. :D


something like this. i think.


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@ yellowman ... I bet you're really tired after making that :lol: :oops:

Excellent job, the wings between the Good and Year in white would help it. (I think its wings, I'm more of a Pirelli person) Agreed with LFC' about the tread but if you've still got the file it's nothing that can't be fixed.

Looking at the thumbnail in LFC's post it looks better in the smaller version. Still a brilliant piece of work for all PDN tho'

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@oma, thanks, I wish I can do my car, but that needs forever to finish it.

@A Fleeting Glimpse, thanks and good idea I may try it, well I didn't spent enough time to do the tire, it is something simple, that was just something popped up in my mind, I practice and practice and try to discover new easier, short methods and tricks to help finish my serious project fast and in good shape.

@Lance McKnight, it wasn't serious project I was just playing around with S3D.

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not a photograph, not a cut out render and not hand drawn and scanned in from my sketch book. I drew it and colored it in paint.net start to finish. 100% paint.net

ciao OMA

ps smudge for the stem and leave. the flower is blur painted and my secret weapon. and the background one of my many abstracts modified. for now this is all you get to see of this flower, I;ll include the large size in my little video I'm making.

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thanks you Helen and LCF4ever. getting closer to true realism. sorry I flattened that flower and can not go back and adjust some of the petals. I thought I had been working on an png copy and I actually had the pdn file up and flattened it by mistake. I had intended to go further but alas, the lessons I learned are to be used next flowers.



PS waht is that little evil man. :twisted: mean....common words please as I know for sure LCF4ever you are not twisted. :lol:

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:lol: I have been away so long I nearly forgot my password. Beautiful flower Oma I can smell it! Just a quick drop in to wish you all a beautiful summer... While I am working on this cat which is still a w.i.p., I took a little time for a quick animation just for fun. Happy summertime to you all, it's nice to be here :D



Ash you're back in the forum! (happy happy happy) yeah, something got wrong with the last frame (inadvertently (goofy as I am) must have moved that frame of 1 pixel , so I had to cut it out :lol:
Oma thanks, I'll drop by more often, promised! ;)

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@topezia ! hope you have been having a great summer. miss your witty remarks around here. I like your little black kitty. such a lazy fellow. looks like he swallowed the canaray and lapped up the milk.

I love the eyes. !

ciao OMA

PS don't wait so long to drop in and join us again.

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