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  1. True. But when I'm stuck on campus without a game console, it's a nice to know that I've got something interesting to play to get my mind off of studies. For what it's worth, Team Fortress 2 isn't bad for a F2P. After all, it was commercial for the most part until very recently.
  2. So many games are becoming Free2Play. Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield F2P, Blacklight Retribution, Ghost Recon F2P, Team Fortress 2 F2P... It's a pity I don't (currently) have a computer that can handle the stress properly.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, guys I'm slowly lulling myself back into drawing realistic stuff/spacescapes, starting with this Sonic Screwdriver piece. It seems that since I've stopped using PdN, I've lost a lot of motivation and inspiration. I'm trying to think of fun things to draw, but I keep coming up blank. I'm sure I'll come up with something if I just sit in a corner and read a book or something XD I think I have an idea for another project, but it might take a few days for it to materialize. Perhaps I'll just update my gallery with some pieces that I forgot to upload way back when. I'll post again when I start my next project
  4. I feel like this thread has come full circle XD When I first made this thread and debated what console to buy, I ended going with the PS3 simply because I just wasn't a full-out serious gamer. I was more laid back and really didn't want to have to deal with "try-hards", who I assumed were on X360. Considering how nowadays I only play Call of Duty and know a lot about the game (much more than a casual gamer, although I guess that's subjective)...I don't really regret my decision. I think I'd bump into more profanity and 12-year olds on X360 than I already face in PS3, which honestly irritates me enough as is. It does bother me sometimes that more of my friends are on Xbox360...but I have friends on PS3 which somewhat make up for it. I can't wait to get off the laggy garbage of Black Ops and play something peaceful (LBP2)...
  5. ....(Peeks around the corner) Hello everyone! It's been well over year since I've been active on the forums, so to briefly introduce myself to any new members since then: My name is Worldnewser, and I like making Space/Realistic art in Paint.NET. For people who remember me from way back when: Hi! It's been awhile! I don't want to make a short update notice longer than it is, so if you want to see why I've been gone for so long, I wrote a journal on my deviantART page. Long story short, I'm back, and I'll be pumping out work somewhat regularly. And I will try to become active in the forums like I once was, although with college in front of me there's no real guarantee. (It's amazing; I joined in November 2007 and have yet to break 1000 posts XD) ______________________________________________________________________________________ Anyways, update time: My new piece of work since I returned on Paint.NET. The Tenth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver! It's been such a long time since I've touched Paint.NET, so I'm a little rusty. However, I think I've still got it. Comments and constructive criticism appreciated (If you don't know what Doctor Who is, wiki it. It's a great show and I highly recommend it )
  6. How so? I've never really played the BioShock series so I can't say anything about what I think of it continuity-wise, but I think it's interesting that it's got a new setting. Most people would find a series bland if it always took place in the same location, especially after two games.
  7. Bought Persona 3 Portable for my PSP as something to do whenever I get bored in college. I've never really got into the RPG genre (besides the obvious Pokemon games), but I'm actually liking this game so far, even though I feel like I'm learning another language. Why can't they just call fire "fire"? I agree with this. I still play Link to the Past Yeah, the trailer looked really nice. I can already imagine being in a private lobby and just doing RC car racing.I'm making sure to buy this, just to replace MW2. I'm really sick of the game (Had to relearn how to make quotes there..)
  8. nighthart001 is my PSN. Anyone's free to add me. No, I don't own an X360. Also, I'm going to be gaming as much as I can up until the end of August, then it's radio silence. I don't plan on bringing my PS3 with me to my dorm. I think.
  9. I was just in rage mode yesterday. My PS3 froze up every time I get into a game yesterday. I was able to play my first legitimate game this morning, and the game still does occasional freezing. For instance, when I get killed it freezes for a second and then shows my death. I find this thing to be unplayable atm That aside, it really acts like BF:BC2, albeit relatively smaller maps. It makes the game a bit faster paced. I thought it would be a good game to buy in the future, but I have yet to find something that appeals to me that's not BC2 related. It'd be like spending money on a rehash of BC2. I dunno, perhaps my opinion will change. After alll, it's only a "beta".
  10. Medal of Honor's Beta fails -_- Should've been called an Alpha
  11. From what I see, MGS:Rising doesn't look quite like a "traditional" MGS stealth game. To be honest, I kept thinking about dicing onions the more I watched. Hmm. Also, the Goldeneye remake looks...interesting. It supports the classic controller, so I might actually get it if I see more info of it in the future. EDIT: Gran Turismo 5 has a release date.
  12. Nabbed the last copy of MGS: PEace Walker Limited Edition at Gamestop. I quite like the MGS franchise (considering how I started with MGS4 and worked my way backwards), and this game's pretty good. Only qualm I have about it is the control scheme. Hard to control at times, but I guess it comes with the territory for a handheld gamin system. The presence of Ad-Hoc multiplayer over online was also a poor choice IMO. IGN mentions how co-op is emphasized for this game in particular....I really hope I don't get stuck halfway through the game because a boss is to hard to beat by myself . Hideo Kojima's going to be at Union Square, NY on Friday. I'm going to get this thing autographed for sure
  13. Infinity Ward is basically dead. Most of the important staff has already left, so I'm not expecting any fixes etc. Also, Demolition is practically a kill=fest. NextGenTactics basically showed a tutorial as to how to get super XP by lengthening the time limit as much as possible. I don't think I'm going to bother buying the Resurgence map pack when it comes out for PS3. I feel cheated out of the stimulus pack. I'm still trying to find decent rush strategies for Storm I could do much more with $15 IMO
  14. Hmm..yeah I see what you're saying. I'm not really fed up with the camping in MW2, I'm more irritated with the non-stop noobtubing that goes on in every single game mode (I mean, noobtubing the spawn in Search and Destroy? Jeez). Noobtubes in BC2 seem more nerfed. Also I don't really encounter ridiculous "sit in one spot of the map all day" camping in BC2 that much. Besides the snipers of course, but for some reason I'm okay with it. They really need to get headshots to get kills, and it's pretty hard to hit moving targets, so it seems like it forces people to move around and not sit around for too long. Compare this with MW2 snipers, where you have cheeky no-scopes etc. To me, snipers are much more suited for the wide open maps in BC2 than the quick paced, medium sized maps in MW2.
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