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  1. Daedalus Returned by Baron von der Heydte. It was pretty damn good....I'm trying to track down an original copy in German.
  2. http://wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/show ... p?t=320785
  3. Думай обо мне I have no idea why this stuff is being copied...
  4. Чёрт возьми Don't know where that came from....apparently it's "damn" in Russian.
  5. Here's what I got on Christmas (the rest I got on Christmas eve....) Pair of boots Book Paint deck of cards And some red dye that turned some white fabric orange.... same as every year for me (except the dye is something new.....and odd....)
  6. So far, I got a hat and some cash. The suprising part is the hat fits my massive size 64 skull.
  7. http://static.mediafly.com/podcast/4020 ... ed_120.mp3 Listening right now
  8. What does everybody think of this? A it more tolerable than current?Going for simplicity at the moment.
  9. Done. But I find a way to make them. I wish I could think of a better sig to replace my current
  10. Done. But it catches viruses very easily....oh, wait..... I wish my bike wasn't such a piece of junk.
  11. Done. You had cheese, but you don't remember. I wish my speakers worked better
  12. Current, I'd say 8/10....the other, 7/10 new sig for me....
  13. Thanks. I'm trying to think of what to make next....
  14. Here's one a bit more abstract....I simply refer to it as an Escher cube. urned out fairly well for my first try and in 15 minutes.
  15. Thanks! I was bored and playing with random renders and effects....eventually those are what came to be. My current desktop is a variation of the firs one.... Very interesting....a bit bright for me, but overall, pretty awesome....like looking through a kaliedoscope(sp?).
  16. Thanks Oma! Just to answer your question, I filled in a few squares with a few colours....a bit trippy. I might make a similer one using a multi colour gradient to fill in the black squares. Maybe I should've used a bit less colour? For some reason I feel I added too much
  17. Done. It's now called sky noise. I wish I could find a hat that fits my big head.
  18. I'm wondering if this is appropriate to ask here....I've a feeling that if I post a thread elsewhere it will be locked rather quickly.... but I need an idea for a sig to go with the new avatar.....
  19. Sozo: simple, yet cool...works with the sig....7,5/10 I've a new one....
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