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  1. haven't used pdn for ages. whipped up something really quickly yesterday. hope it's not too bad ahaha
  2. Wow never thought I could still make stuff, especially with pdn
  3. My favourite series of all time is Supernatural and Heroes. A couple of months ago I was still a big fan of Glee, but then the new season started airing and the wackiness of the new characters basically ruined the whole show for me.
  4. this sig would be a lot better without the border But the smudgin is pretty nice IMO the lighting looks quite strange in this tag There's a significant light source above the render but the rest of the tag doesn't go with it 8/10 Next person rate pipp
  5. Ninja man, your current is definitely the best and the reflection one comes in second If ya really wanna do text sigs u can actually try adding some c4ds as well Here's a text sig made by c4ds, made by helix http://yugihalo.deviantart.com/gallery/11917017?offset=72#/d2ap9nf
  6. Not to bump an old thread or anything but I was browsing thru some pages and then I saw this Lol this mayor guy ripped that sig off from my friend flow55. This sig is not made by him. Never thought there were rippers here @@ Someone tell this mayor guy stopping ripping other people's work lol Proof: http://www.signaturebar.com/forums/showthread.php/sotw-152-voting-35177/index.html Next person rate the person above me
  7. Lol thx I will do a tut on makin sigs this week once I get my pdn on my computer again
  8. ahaha thx so much ninjaman never knew i actually inspired anyone lol i would go on to this forum more but then i dont really do anything related to pdn or gfx anymore so i guess there's no point in havin me here xd =v=' well my old photobucket broke down but i have already made a new one so that's one problem solved;D but another prob is all my old work (from 2007-2009) was saved in my old photobucket ;(
  9. uninstalled pdn a few months ago because of the insufficient disc space i have left on my drive. ahh makes me sad, miss it a lot even though i havent really touched it last year
  10. ahaha nice piece sokagirl kinda like absorbed me into it still remember me? xd i pop up here like every few months or so
  11. well firstly i think u cropped the render wrongly cuz a render is a .png where there is no bg, there is only the focal itself so u shouldnt need to cut the white space and there wont be any white lines around it. (i hope u know what i mean lol the text placement is weird, it looks like it's just floating by itself the whole sig is too big, there are a lot of boring spaces. maybe size it down a bit add more effects cuz it's quite boring right now looks like its got nothing goin on the border looks weird btw - -'' 5/10 rate this pls rate the one u think is better pls
  12. lol im just someone who drops by like once every 6 months so dont count me in X(
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