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  1. Pixey I don't post much anymore but I couldn't help myself with your gallery. You've taken PDN portrait painting to the next level! I am so impressed with your portraits. Especially the Hugh Jackman one. Wish I could I have a lesson in digital painting in PDN. So very impressive!
  2. Hi Andres, Could you clarify your question? Are you trying to split a single image into four equal parts? Or are you trying to enlarge an image? If you want to split the image, you can use the selection tools while holding shift on your keyboard to select perfect squares. From there, you can crop the image to your selection, four separate times, to get your four separate frames of the image. If you're trying to enlarge your image, you can resize it from within Paint.NET but I don't recommend that option because it will leave it blurry and pixelated Hope that helps, Nab
  3. Logged on to a campus computer, and sure enough, even though every one of them on campus have the full Adobe suite, PDN 3.5x was included as well! Booyah
  4. If the force were made up of waves it could pass through the object with ease (such as sound waves travelling through a piece of paper). I guess it depends how dense the immovable object is, and what kind of material the unstoppable force is. I know I'm probably wrong on this - but I just figured I'd through it out there
  5. Both TES V: Skyrim and AC Revelations came out this week! I wish I were back home with friends that own gaming consoles Love those game franchises.
  6. I messed up my computer by accidentally starting a drive restore and then deciding it was a bad idea about 3% of the way through, so I made an Ubuntu live disc on my flash drive and have now been booting with it for almost a month haha
  7. Happy 18th birthday!

  8. I agree with pdnnoob. Also, I'd try to focus on a scene, or an idea, rather than a character.
  9. Ah I'm sorry man! Didn't realize it would cause such feelings. My specific school campus was relatively close to Microsoft's main offices, in Washington state - so I assume it had something to do with such low prices
  10. 007 Nab


    Ash! So good to see you around here! Can't wait to see what you've come up with over time
  11. I know! Me too -- student accounts are so nice for software discounts. I got Win 7 Professional and Office 2010 for $20. Kind of ridiculous considering the average retail price!
  12. Olav that looks awesome! Especially the cropped version with the ridges on the top left - excellent dimension.
  13. Right on Gamer! That's so cool.. I hadn't even caught it Congrats!
  14. Blah... same problem here Pyro... too many RAWs
  15. Happy bday barbieq! You've made some awesome stuff!
  16. The new emoticon doesn't help, does it... xD
  17. I was.. deprived of video games. After all, they were essentially of the devil My first game ever.. would have had to be.. Pokemon Blue on my yellow GBA Color. An 8th Birthday gift, snuck in from my grandma, against my mother's wishes...
  18. 007 Nab


    Yup, same for me.
  19. Hello PDN community... I've got a question for ya This next year I'm going to be a senior in high school, and in my state a Senior Project is required. Now, like many of you, I am avidly obsessed with graphics and this wonderful program So, my question is, do any of you have any ideas for projects which involve graphics? There are some restrictions.. mainly that the project can't just be photography or a graphic gallery -- it's supposed to serve some kind of purpose. Any ideas?
  20. GC and Gamer -- love it when that happens guys! Gamer that usually worries me to be honest - to finish so early I mean... haha but good for you!
  21. Ahhh... either I have a lot to be happy about or you people are crazy! Just finished me Public Speaking class -- totally awesome - dominated the final, went to a grand total of one hour of class today, and lunch out with friends What a way to start off a new week eh?
  22. That's awesome GCFuture Sounds like a really fun night
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