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  1. nemo

    Oma's gallery

    just thought i would pop in, thats absolutely amazing Oma. I do think the deer could do with a little bit of tweeking but its brilliant
  2. apple abstract is lovely helen. Almost spacey
  3. you do but you cant afford it i wish my finger wasnt chapped, it twinges!
  4. it rains of biblical propertions, you dont have a boat though i wish to go home and be able to relax already
  5. Meh, just a small abstract style flower i made...(based as a first version for a flourists)
  6. Certainly an option, ive always got friends/family friends who own business who need the odd logo design and such
  7. i must admit its not exactly recognised is it..shame to be honest, especially if you realise how much work people actually put into their pieces..certainly the same as any realistic/abstract work
  8. Uhm well heres the odd thing, i originally was looking at psyochology as i have a degree in youth & criminal but i love graphic designing (some say a bit too much :wink:). I think i may opt for something completely different and keep it a hobby unless a job pops up..I have applied my CV to a company and they just keep it on hold until they get their job vacancy. Until then i think ill be having a small break over christmas as i dont want a "hire & fire" job like most places this time of year .
  9. i assume for your latest pixel competition , i may even venture into it myself *makes a square* Edit at below comment so not to spam up your gallery: lol if i did do that and win that would be insane
  10. :shock: i will be on a lot less now but i may try and pop on and make something for this. I really like the way pixel art is done but have never had a proper go :wink:
  11. Thanks guys , i feel so much better now
  12. i have quit :!: i am actually free :!: Oh my i feel so much better and the pit in my stomach has already started to lift.
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