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  1. PDM:2 NN:3 #NN wins. Rafroller: 0 Xzerizon: 1 Take the time to read the first post of this thread, it explains a lot. Please.
  2. 5/10. Think.This.Sig.Rating.Thing.Would.Be.a lot.More.Competitive.If.We. Mades.Vids.Of.Us.Creating.The.Signature.And.Rated.On.Skill.Rather.Than.The.Outcome. Sound.Interesting.To.Anyone.Else? Rate:
  3. Sfifer - 2 TheHowler - 0 -I.Think.We'd.Have.a lot.More.Sig.Comps.If.It.Was.Less.About.Explaining.What.You.Think.And.More.About.Beating.The.Other.Guy...
  4. Chrisco: 3 Phantom: 1 #Winner: Chrisco @Chrisco97, love that sig. I'll enter with this. Sketchy, took forty layers when I finished. Maybe too much time on it hah.
  5. A new desktop for my netbook. 1024 X 600 screen so I used the same dimensions. 100% PDN.
  6. @Chaosportal, that is pretty sick man . @Kev, perhaps the colors are too contrasting but its a cool abstract.
  7. I may eventually. For now I added a wallpaper and a strange logo butterfly. Both 100% PDN:
  8. #Stone85: 3 #Cortez: 0 @Stone, nice lighting and great placement of the render. Maybe I'd add a bit more blending to the renders edges but the background fits nicely. Good job on the text. @Cortez, I like the concept but it does seem excessively large. Make it smaller and blend the render with the background a little more and it'll be pretty nice. Good idea, just needs a few touches in my opinion.
  9. Stone85: 3 Drgrit: 1 #Winner: Stone85 @Stone, could use a little less blurring around the edges but not a bad signature. Background seems empty with just the black. @Drgrit, wasnt sure what was screenshot or PDN in your signature. Maybe add more depth, the lighting is alright. The random lines around the signature was a cool touch. Text and color scheme seem a bit off to me.
  10. And I suppose I'll enter with my newest: #paint dot mike: 0 #K_I_N_G: 0
  11. #Stone85: 1 #Jake 0: 3 #Winner: Jake 0 @Stone85, I understand what you were going for but it could use some help getting there. The render only fits with the background from the tone of its shadow and the shadows along the edges of the signature. Shadows meaning the black space. The background is nice with its changes in tone, but the render could use some work blending into it. @Jake 0, add a border and I love this signature.
  12. @ptuZ, Perhaps too much black on the left. Empty space. Text could use some work. It has potential and great colors so I'll give it a 7.6/10. A new version of my current. Tell me what you think?
  13. I'll enter with my new one I suppose. #pdnnoob: 0 #K_I_N_G: 0
  14. #CSM725: 2 #ptuZ:1 @CSM725, Right hand bottom corner needs a bit of work around the edges. I might have used the white transparent lines in a different manner for the final product. Didn't notice anything particularly wrong with it, has a good flow and a nice foundation. @ptuZ, has a nice background and the placement of the render was great. Text is a little edgy and could use some transparency or shine to it so it doesn't look pasted on there. The render needs a bit more blending into the background. The render could use some more work. Good concept.
  15. Paint Dot Mike - 0 NOOBz - 3 #Winner: NOOBz Shame on the both of you. lol, just playing. To each their own gentlemen. @Paint Dot Mike, too much and not enough. Random and hectic, failure to blend or flow. Take a look at the tutorials section (theres actually a small part of my gallery with links to the best sig-tutorials -as I consider them to be anyway-). @NOOBz, background doesnt quite seem to fit. Just small details here and there that make it generally seem like a rush-job. Nice job on the text however.
  16. n d: 0 Mayor_McSteeze: 1 @n d, I could recreate the image exactly as you have it from scratch. Im sure many here can, and the signature just seems like you may want to return to the basics. Looks like it was done in a hurry without the final touches that make a signature a finished product. To me that just means it doesnt seem finished yet. But hope this wasn't discouraging, just mean that you should attempt a few of the tutorials on creating a signature and get an idea of what I mean by taking your time. @Mayor_McSteeze, Nice. The borders and the blurred surroundings add a nice touch, the text is nicely done as well. (And yes I realize how short that is, but I cant tell whats stock image and whats a part of the manipulations. Which usually means theres little work done to it -in which I dont believe thats the case- or its simply done very well.)
  17. That wasn't an implication of argument, more of a deterrent for the fool that will undoubtedly present his ignorance to the world. We need more themes for the paint.net forum. Something a bit shinier or colourful, with all the graphic design artists using the program it just seems like we could do better.
  18. This rant thread will explode if religion gets involved. Arguing on the internet is like competing in the special olympics, even if you win your still retarded.
  19. So lets just point out if your going to post a tutorial somebody's going to have a bad perspective of it. The statement was simply unnecessary because criticism is supposed to be appreciated, whether harsh *Such as you are a complete novice and I laugh at your attempts to create anything* or praising *Great job, I love your work!*. The correct response is thank-you for your opinion, I'll look at it from that angle and strive to learn something more. Instead you played a defensive view, you can do this and this and this to change what you said is wrong about my work. Just informing you, behaving in a professional manner will grant you more opportunities to learn. And end a lot of future arguments before they begin. Hehe, its funny to be replying to a reply to a two-year old post.
  20. I'd say this is one of my favourite signatures. Isn't the mona-lisa, but I love the concept and the dirty aged look (yes, I really just said that lol). Give it a 6/10. The concept is nice, but the render needs a little work around the edges of the hair. The text in the top-right hand corner seems a bit...out of place perhaps? I generally blend my render until it becomes the background (seriously, I do) so my opinion may be a bit biased for this one. Still love it haha . New one, and be realistic please (the idea that nearly everyone posting a sig scores a 5/10 for effort seems...?):
  21. Nice job cortez, although generally speaking I wouldn't know how to blend a car like that into that background. *Edit.
  22. has set their status

  23. Stupendous, signatures are generally all I like to make and yours are quite impressive. Wouldnt mind a tutorial on your method for producing them , could always use more.
  24. Give some to get some. General rule that will yield you results. If you ask for an opinion, be kind enough to lend one. If you ask a blatant question without much of anything else...*anybody else hear crickets?*..... Look through the forums, take a look at the pictorium for ideas, or try the tutorials section to get you going and see where you end up. Do not create a thread like this again, as Im fairly certain I've seen dozens of these that simply dont get anywhere. Check out the forum rules before posting as well to avoid any embarrassment: The Rules. If you glance through there I'm sure you'll see this thread is already in violation of quite a few. --- Welcome to the forums.
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