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  1. Who knows, when I finally finish this one ( god knows when that will be! ) I might even fancy doing something like that for my next project. What I am really working towards though is learning Blender enough to model my motorbike. Much trickier than a car. As far as posting images is concerned I am thinking of going back to dArt. Used it before but my internet was too slow back then to really use it properly so I jacked it in. Thanks for the offer of the pdf`s , it`s really nice of you , but there really is no need to bother.
  2. Strange thing is that not all images are affected. Many are still there. Still not good enough though. The first I found out this was happening was when I received an email from them with new T&C`s . You think they could have at least given people a few months notice that this was going to happen instead of just changing things right out of the blue. Not sure how to use PDF`s. I can read them easy enough but have never made any myself. I was thinking of going back to dArt. But for now I am too busy with Blender anyway. Made my first ever car - a BMW Z4 . Not perfect and defini
  3. My apologies to all PDN forum fans if they are trying to view my Gallery or do any tutorials. Photobucket have decided to make people pay to be able to post images on forums. 3rd party hosting is now no longer available to people with free accounts. They want money. I think this is nothing short of blackmail no better than a virus demanding money for access to your files. I strongly object to this and will not be paying up. While I can still upload and access my photos, the whole point of uploading them was for this forum so people could see them. I may decide to find another solut
  4. Just popped in and surprise surprise! All change. I`ll have to have a proper nose around before I decide either way . Only thing that bothers me so far is the lack of a proper separation line between the avatars on the left and the text .
  5. Some great stuff posted since my last visit Pixey. You just get better and better. Your portraits are stunning. I think being away from the forum for a while and coming back to see your work afresh shows how good they are. Your latest piece is lovely.
  6. Just updated. I like the new help files. I think they will be a great help to anyone new to PDN. Not too complicated but still useful. Nice work Boltbait. Thanks.
  7. Scary but AWESOME! I can`t believe the speeds they reach there. I love watching the onboard footage.
  8. Nice work Pixey. I think you should call it a silver gem. After all, silver is more valuable and very classy - like your work.
  9. Excellent work Djisves! It`s always nice to see people adapting a tut to get their preferred result. Best way to learn. The B&W image is super. The diamond necklace just needs a bit of a drop shadow to match the rest of the image. Other than that I can`t fault it.
  10. Beautiful! Chrome is superb. I would have put a big red ruby or something in the middle personally but yours is just as good. Nice work Pixey.
  11. Great work Seerose. Very well done. A few more sparkles perhaps but that`s all.
  12. Interesting use of the tut Pixey. Nice glassy diamonds. I see what you mean about steps 6 & 7. I do say 'first layer' and 'first ROCK layer' but I can see it could be a bit confusing so as soon as I get the chance I will edit the tut to include the actual names of the layers. You are right I did forget the Cell Texture. I will fix this as well later. Thanks for the feedback. Edit - changes made and Cell Texture link included.
  13. Thanks Max, nice of you to say so.
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