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  1. how did you make your signature thing? its really cool.

  2. does anyone else find it so tempting to just type "yes"?
  3. im a console player so no steam page or what not but i have way to much spare time, joys of being a child i guess but im past the 2 day mark quite comfortably i blame England having that turning the clocks forward thing so it gets dark early now and its easier to stay inside in the dark
  4. i tax highest mw2 rank on the forums? 52 prestige one atm! yeah gamebashing is fun
  5. font as in text, but would be cool if you could give a link for a dingbats one if you know of one
  6. anyone know any fonts that go well with vector art?
  7. I like the concept of what lurks beneath the ice and i also like the way you encorporated the links into your sigt, but personally i think you could of made being beneath the ice better, i find that its too blurry and looks like theres to much noise, but then again ive never looked up from underneath ice. 7.5/10 personally i think ive seen better from you
  8. UGH FGS! i went down to orlando for a holiday this year and rip ride and rocket started running like the day after i left T.T i got to see them putting the rings on the verticle part of the coaster was pretty cool and also saw test runs one night with the flashy lights carridge! :o but yeh it started running the day after i left orlando was such a bummer
  9. to have mod powers :o only for good of the forums ofcourse ..... editing peoples posts to make them say silly things
  10. wow thats cool 8/10 not sure what you can add really maybe just a tinge or colour somewhere to make a focal point? :S i dunno im clueless
  11. its a little blury and could maybe use a boarder, also putting tags around it would make it look better imo. but because its about pdn and you have new divide lyrics next to it 6/10
  12. wow now thats smart and i like the idea of but i dont like the way you made the two big grey bars, p.s. love the word smallpaper
  13. ... in the car im alergic to asda these crisps are yummy but ide rather have...
  14. http://paintdotnet.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=30449&start=0&hilit=doomsday that of any help? you can take the ring from that and mix it with the tut using cracked mud and there ya go
  15. isnt this thread just a post-count-o'matic?
  16. theres a plugin called polar transformation, type your text across the middle and run the plugin with some tweaks youll get a pertty circle of text you can find the plugin by searching or useing Ego Eram Reputo's plugin list ( sorry if i spelt it wrong EER )
  17. your telling me the slim wont stand itself up? thats poor as for your games selection - last time i played killzone it was dead very unactive. i rented mgs4 once to sneaky wasnt my taste lol and never played socom before :o as for my ps3 im planning on getting a pretty sticker for it http://www.decalgirl.com/browse.cfm/4,9586.htm but if they release a nice one for the slim from that site i might trade in my ps3 for a slim and add the 10 or so pounds to get ma guarantee back
  18. viewtopic.php?f=16&t=27899 simon browns that other app? as far as i know you can use that to get lens flare effect from photoshop or if you dont have that maybe gimp or something :S im not sure tho just a stab in the dark here EDIT: just tested it out seems to work
  19. lovin the tut made this with it p.s. props to commander sozo on the glow
  20. lovin do you remember how you made the backgrounds? Also the gecko before after is nice
  21. personally i didnt enter this one because i didnt like the theme, some themes shout out enter me and others dont.
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