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Object Bevel update 1/4/2016 (previously Bevel Object)

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I've updated 'Bevel Object' as promised.
I have also decided to rename it 'Object Bevel' to avoid confusion with Boltbait's subsequent effect of the same name.
It can now be cancelled effectively so the warning screen has gone!

Because I have renamed it you will have to manually delete the old BevelObject.dll from the Effects folder.
The old version is currently still in my Plugin pack (V9) but I intend to update that soon.

It still runs on both Pdn 3.5.11 and Pdn 4+
It is still found under Effects/Object
New .dll name = ObjectBevel
In my V10 pack here Red ochre v10 plugin pack
(new as of 1/4/2016 with an alpha threshold slider added)

Images below explain the new buttons



Bevel Object:
applies a range of different shaped bevels to an object, with either parallel or perspective lighting at a full range of angles.

IMPORTANT - This is for 'object layers'. That is transparent layers with a small areas of opaque pixels on them. eg. text layers.
If there is too much 'object' it will show a warning that it could take a long time. I added this as it is very easy to accidently try running it on a solid layer, which would otherwise take ages to cancel. (Not in most recent version).
If the overall width slider is set to zero (now maximum) it will use the object's full width - which can be used for similar effects to the 'shaped gradient' plugin. This However is designed for objects rather than selections.
It will run within a rectangular selection but will only base its calculations on the maximum sizes of the selection so cannot be used in the same way as the 'bevel selection' plugin.

Good for adding lighting to 'clipwarped' text.
Works well with 'Overblur' as this can slightly blur the object and maintain the edges.


Here is the U.I. and some examples:-
(These screenshots are based on the original version but all these effects can still be achieved.)




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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Like the object layer warning screen Red ;)  That'll learn 'em :lol:

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Nice one Red,Thanks,been looking for something like this.  


The red spheres have me hypnotized,lol.

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Daniels & barbieq25,  Thanks for the support! ;)

I had to include some way of limiting the number of loops. On a solid layer with the depth slider on zero (using full width), it would have been (approximately) looping out to measure the full diameter of the canvas for every pixel, single threadedly and showing nothing on the progress bar. In the first version I accidently ran it on a solid layer and had to use the task manager to close Pdn!  I wouldn't be too popular if I had released that version, but that would have certainly learned 'em good and proper! :lol:

DrewDale ... great image - makes me think of the summer ... I must go to the seaside this year!
Cool new sig too. B)

Sasha ... wonderfully colourful and I like the slight glow too! :star:

pdnnoob ... cheers mate! ... not too many choices?   ;)   ... I could add some more! :lol:

Sand33P & skullbonz ... hope you're finding it useful.

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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... I could add some more!

WAIT! NOOOoooo...I actually understand this one! :lol:


what I do all summer Emote Cursor Pack 'noob gallery

No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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Well that's your fault for writing such clear codelab tutorials! :beer: :beer:
- you've created a Monster! (I've just finished reading Frankenstein).

I needed/wanted a bevel effect for objects with choices for the lighting angle. So, having written one, it seemed wrong not to share it?
Bevel selection and the BoltBait pack will always be an essential download, so I don't think you need to worry (yet!).
Besides that you run the award show ( ...and have the keys to the Galleria   :(  ). :lol:

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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Right on Red and BoltBait! I used this plug in for the first time while redesigning my site's R-rated logo from scratch. Came out pretty decent as it has to be scaled anywhere from 400px to 80px while not changing the detail as much as possible.

small scale


actual image

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Same here! :lol:


Hello austint30,

I included Bevel object in my plugin pack in the last update (July 2014) - link in my sig below.

Only my most recent ones Facet, Gears etc., the original clipwarp and some 'oldies' should have individual downloads now.

I just haven't got around to updating the text on all the publishing pages yet. :roll:

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Red ochre Plugin pack.............. Diabolical Drawings ................Real Paintings



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