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    I used to have a bunch of interest's until I found Paint.Net. Haven't been away from the computer more than a couple hours since.
    I have a son and daughter with three beautiful grandaughters,pdn has helped me make some fantastic backgrounds and frames for their pictures.

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  1. Thank you Disgruntled1, I'm addicted to that plugin. Thank you Red, I too love that smell. Thank you Seerose, I'm really enjoying it. Thank you Lynxter, did you ever take any pictures of your father's train set? A friend suggested I put the skull on the mountain because of my online name. At first I didn't think it would fit in but after coating it with plaster and adding color it blended in. I now call it Mt. Skullmore
  2. I haven't posted anything to my gallery for awhile so I missed your comments, sorry and thank you. I added a photo of my newest pastime and retirement hobby, my train set. I've been collecting HO train parts since I was 14 years old and always said I would build it when I retire. Here is one picture of where I started adding some scenery. I still have a long way to go. Scroll through the photobucket album and you'll see the progress. I also added a few more space pictures I made.
  3. Stare at this and it starts to look like it's moving or maybe changing colors.
  4. I thank the pdn gods that I am no longer labeled the Pauly Shore recipient of the ever offending awards show because I also live alone and no one can hear me cussing,lol.
  5. I also feel this way, always fixing what isn't broken. I suggest you do what Red and Eli suggested you do. Thankfully for my sanity I did this a long time ago. Unfortunately quite a few plugins that I use a lot do not work in the newer versions of PDN and a few built in ones work differently than they have in the older versions. I honestly try to use the new version of PDN from time to time but always give up because something is missing, or does not work the same, or the still occasional crash of the program. Frankly it is quite annoying. A couple plugins that I use frequentl
  6. First I apologize for not thanking you all sooner than this, I have been neglecting my duties in my old age. Thank you very much for the comments, Lynxster4, barbieq25, Maximilian, Drydareelin and Seerose. This time I added two optical illusions. In the first one you see a bunch of shapes that look like they are all crooked, or leaning. If you hold a ruler or straight edge up to them you will see they are perfectly straight and level. In the second one the top half is a mirrored image of the bottom half. Although it appears the bottom is indented or like crevices and the top lo
  7. The half sphere map setting in Shape 3D could do this also without as many steps. Good job with this one though. How do you hide or blend the seam where the two halves meet?
  8. I like this plugin, real cool BoltBait. It serves the purpose real well, great job. Here is my first try at it.
  9. Thank you Helen, I was just thinking about him today. Welshblue was a smart man who did things with plugins that no one would think of. Unfortunately his honesty and opinions got him in hot water sometimes because as we all know, people can't handle the truth these days,lol. I learned a great deal from him but not as much as I would have liked. The "meshy" part of the radio was easy to make. I used Red Ochre's MultiSpline plugin to make the mesh and added some color. I just added another one of a pair of heart pendants. I used Shape 3D to make the two halves of the shell out o
  10. Thank you Barbie, ya I fired the maid after looking at the picture,lol. Thank you Seerose
  11. The forum is a fickle place these days,not easy to endure for some.
  12. Ok, I see now. So does the plugin make the seams itself or do you draw the seams in?
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