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  1. Wait... You get a morning tea time too? Why can't I live in Australia... And, I hope your mum gets to feeling better
  2. That's always a bad time. The carburetor went out on ours this summer. One attempted repair later, it's still dead...
  3. The Selective Services System here in the US is somewhat similar, though most who register don't actually go into military service. Every male has to register between the ages of 18 and 25 or face prison or a fine. Even conscientious objectors have to register (they submit an exemption claim if they are drafted). Females, of course, do not. It's been that way since the '70s. And we don't have alternative service either: it's either register, or face the penalty. It's the same way here. Other Christian denominations have to register, though. It just isn't right.
  4. Hope the remaining days of your sentence go by quickly, Kemaru. That's a lot of red tape just for sticking up for your beliefs. Did they not give you any options for alternative service?
  5. I still use a phone with a slide-out keyboard
  6. Awesome new perfume bottle, Pixey! The big companies should start using your designs (I'll make some calls )
  7. Thank you! I was a bit bummed that I didn't get anything turned out for this one. Now I have the time
  8. Wow, Red, that's a lot to take in all at once... I nearly had an art attack! But seriously, your stuff is absolutely amazing. I look through and see little additions from your plugins, but mostly I'm thinking, "How does he do that?" Keep up the awesome work!
  9. That is quite amazing... I love those kinds of things
  10. Wow! Awesome new image. The odd crackly look near the large planet looks like a rift in time or something. Very impressive
  11. Nice to see you popping back in :)

    1. pdnnoob


      Just been out of reach of technology for a bit is all. No worries, I haven't left you guys yet!

  12. Words cannot express how amazing that is...(especially my words... I'm not particularly eloquent ) I'll have to show my sister tomorrow. I'm sure she'll love it. That 10 months was absolutely worth it
  13. Wonderful new glossy, Helen. The shine around the outside is a wonderful touch
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