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    Clipwarp Shiny Text

    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins required: Object Align - Clipwarp - Smooth - Trail - Fast FX – Glow & Soften Portrait - Bevel Selection - At the outset I would like to thank all of the plugin writers without whom we could not attain to the artistic levels seen here. Thanks also go to the people who have helped me get this far & there are many Disclaimer - I do not name my layers. This tute is aimed at more experienced users & it is assumed that you understand how to use layers, layer blend modes etc. Red ochre also kindly pointed this out which may help you: Slightly concerned by the size of the image (I think you said you have 12GB - I've only got 2GB and there are probably users with less than that. However, large size is the easiest way to avoid pixellated edges caused by selections. (For those adapting this to a smaller size it may be worth copying the selected area at stage 8 to a new layer, running Bevel selection then the AA object plugin before flattening back down before stage 10? - just a thought) This is something like what you want to achieve: 1. Open a new image. Big is better. I have used 3200 x 2400. If it is too small the settings I have used here will not work for you. 2. For this tute either Google a PNG. image of roses/flowers that has a nice mix of contrasting colours. Your image should have a transparent background. 3. You may have to adjust the image to fit the canvas. Don’t be too concerned about the aspect ratio. If it is a bit stretched one way or the other, it will be ok. 4. Add a new layer. Delete the default background layer. It should look similar to this: 5. Add a new layer. Select yellow from the colour wheel and the text tool. 6. Select a font that is reasonably uniform in thickness. I’ve used Edwardian here. 7. Use align object to align the text to “both”. I like to work from the centre but it is optional. At this stage it is hard to pick the text from the background. You can turn off the flower layer if you like. 8. Using the Magic Wand at default tolerance , but set Flood Mode to global, select the outside of the text. Then press CTRL + I to invert the selection. 9. Next use Bevel Selection at these settings: Highlight: 225 227 107 Shadow: 147 126 7 Depth: 5 Strength: 1.0 You may have to play with the Depth setting a bit but the text should look very curvy with the edges a brownish colour and yellow in the middle. I made my text a bit bigger using the rectangle select and Move tool. 10. Now go to Adjustments and Curves and use the following settings: 11. Deselect (CTRL + D) then Gaussian Blur at default or use AA Assistant at default. If your image is too small at this stage your text will blur. You don’t want this but you want to get rid of the jaggies. Go back to just the background and increase the size of the image, redo the text bigger and redo the bevel which you may also need to adjust. 12. Duplicate the layer and set the blend mode to Overlay. Merge the two layers of text. 13. Duplicate the layer twice and turn the lowest text layer off. This is so that you will have a backup in case you need it. Save your work as a .PDN file. 14. Go to the flower layer or background and CTRL + A, CTRL + C to copy the image to the clipboard. Then deselect or CTRL + D. 15. Go to the top gold text layer. Run Clipwarp (from Tools Menu under Effects) at something like this: You are aiming for a goodly amount of colour. Play with the settings until you are happy with it. 16. Run Smooth (under Effects - Blurs) once or twice. Use CTRL + F to repeat. You want it smooth but not blurred. I did mine twice. 17. Go to the text layer below and run Trail at something like below: 18. Run Smooth if you like. I ran it twice on this image. Set the blend mode to Overlay. 19. Go to the last (third) layer of text and use Fast Effect Glow and Soften Portrait at these settings: 20. Set the top coloured layer of text blend mode to whatever takes you fancy. I’ve used Multiply. 21. Run a Drop Shadow to your taste on the last layer of text. At this stage you could also Smooth Blur again if you think it needs it. 22. Turn the background back on. You want to use a different one or keep it. The blend modes in the above text layers will determine what if reflected in the gold of the lettering. 23. You can also tint the top layer if you like. Experiment and have fun! Here is an alternative outcome: As always, if you find an error or need some further explanations, please just ask. I would love to see what you all come up with. There are many embellishments to take this a bit further & I would encourage you to try out other text tutes for the sake of learning new ways of working that can be used in conjunction.
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    Images in Panels or Polyptychs

    This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it Plugins: Object Align -Part of KrisVDM Pack Mirror - Part of Evanolds pack Gaussian Blur Drop Shadow - also part of KrisVDM Pack What you are aiming for: For this one we will make it a wallpaper. I will use 1280 x 768 as the finished size. Step 1: Open a new image to 2560 x 1536 so that it is twice the finish size. At 4 times my computer will crash but I usually work at 4 times the finished size if doing 800 x 600. Step 2: Make a new layer. Step 3: With black as you colour, select filled rectangle. Draw a black rectangle approximately in the centre, approximately 600 pixels wide and 1000 high. It really doesn't need to be exact. You can make more panels or adjust the size, width, height to suit yourself. See image below for the method: Step 4: Use Object Align – Center Both Step 5: New layer Step 6: Again make a rectangle about 400 x 700 on the left hand side. When moving elements, always use the ellipse or rectangle select. Magic Wand will leave pixels behind – not a good look. Step 7: Move the image so that it is about 50 pixels to the left of the centre rectangle. Step 8: Object Align – Vertically Step 9: Mirror left half over right. Step 10: New layer and make a rectangle about 300 x 500. Move the image so that it is about 50 pixels to the left of the previous rectangle. Step 11: Object Align – Vertically Step 12: Mirror left half over right. You can make the rectangles any size you like, have more or less, alter the alignment etc. You should now have something that looks like this. The white is just so you can see it better. Step 13: Merge all the rectangles down. Step 14: Duplicate the layer. (Ctrl + Shift + D) Step 15: New layer between the two rectangle layers. Step 16: Open any image you like and paste into the new layer. You will probably have to resize it. The black rectangles will indicate what you will be left with. Experiment! Step 17: Magic Wand at 50% (default) the top rectangle layer anywhere outside the black. Step 18: Go to your image layer and press Delete on the keyboard. Step 19: Move the image layer up one. Step 20: Select all of the bottom black rectangles layer with Rectangle Select tool. Select Move Pixels or press ‘m’ on the keyboard. Step 21: Using your directional arrows on the keyboard, press once to the left. Step 22: Hold down the CTRL key and press the right arrow key 3 more times and the down key 3 times. Each time you hold down the CTRL key & press the arrow key it moves the selection by 10 pixels at a time. Without the CTRL key it moves them 1 pixel only. If you don’t do it once without the CTRL it copies as it moves. We don’t want this to happen. Step 23: On the layer you’ve just moved, run a Gaussian Blur @ 40 or so. You can stop at this stage, depending on the look you want and just add a background. I’ve used both on different images. This is what you should have now. In the example I’ve duplicated the blurred layer to give it more “pop” on the background. The white background again is to show the work. Continue for a thicker panel… Step 24: On the picture panels, run a Drop Shadow at default. Step 25: Turn off or delete the unblurred layer. Step 26: Run Trail as shown below. Step 27: You may have to duplicate the blurred layer depending on the darkness of your background, as I did. Step 28: Add a new layer to the very bottom of your image & create a background of your choice. Step 29: I always save as a .PDN first and then as a .PNG Step 30: Resize the image to 50% and save. Done! Please post your result & any questions as I am happy to help.
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    Latest versions 'Jaggier' ?

    I didn't know that either Thanks BB for the fix & @welshbluefor asking the question.
  4. barbieq25

    Pixey's Gallery ~ Glassy Pendant ~

    Pixey, it is a very pretty piece of jewelry. Great lustre on the pearls with the glittery, shiny metal. I wish it were real. I'd love to wear it. Well done!
  5. barbieq25

    Happy Birthday pyrochild!

    Happy birthday! Wishing you everything good & of course no socks. Goes without saying
  6. barbieq25

    Clipwarp Shiny Text

    I think Edwardian is an old one: Once you have completed the tute, @AndrewDavid, resize it down by 25% So if you want to use it for a sig, then start with 2000 x 600 & then reduce it down by 25% & that should be fine to use as a sig & you should not get the dreaded jaggies.
  7. barbieq25

    ~Happy Birthday Barbieq25~

    Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. I've been rather absent lately. My Mum is quite unwell & takes up a lot of my time. Sadly, I have become more of a lurker than an active forumer. Thank you again for all the lovely wishes! ?❣️
  8. barbieq25

    Calendar Creator v1.6

    Thanks BoltBait! Easy to use. It will come in very handy for me
  9. barbieq25

    The Sanctuary

    So happy to hear you are on the road to recovery. Amazing work by your surgeon.
  10. barbieq25

    Pixey's Gallery ~ Glassy Pendant ~

    Yes, I agree with @lynxster4Very pretty!
  11. barbieq25

    Happy birthday Seerose

    A very Happy Birthday Seerose! May all of your wishes come true on your special day.
  12. barbieq25

    Printed Artwork

    Yes, the date threw me too. Mother's Day is Sunday 13 May 2018 here in Australia. What a great mum! Your artwork is truly frameworthy I have framed some of mine & given them to my mum & step-mum. Others I have used for cards or book covers. Hopefully you will use more of your awesome art for making the world that much prettier. I'd love to see the finished room. @lynxster4the Pearls & Roses is just awesome! I'd hang those up too!
  13. barbieq25

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    Ah I see the SPAIN now I see a bit of a blip thing in the very centre of the ASpain one. Oooh the second one is so nice. Love those shapes & colours!
  14. barbieq25

    Stereogram tools (betas)

    I can see the artifact in the middle but not the letters I do like the colours & shapes though!
  15. barbieq25

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Realistic images I have never been fond of creating. Therefore I don't enter but support others by voting. OOTF rules - being realistic images - is very hard for most people. As for trace & colour comments, this is probably exactly why there are so few entries. I have seen the PDN file Pixey was working on. Technically challenging is an understatement. Those that have managed to create something realistic, are to be applauded.
  16. barbieq25

    Show Yourself, Redux!

    This is me - drinking latte
  17. barbieq25

    OOTF#21 - High heel shoe - Winners announced

    Congratulations to all! What fabulous entries! Such skill & imagination
  18. barbieq25

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    Out of rep points but yep, agree. I remember the PMs too. We are of an age where we appreciated the time it takes to craft things & not into instant gratification. I wore red patent leather shoes (NOT stilettos - too old for that) & matching handbag to my son's wedding. I'd love Pixey's shoe though
  19. barbieq25

    Object of the Fortnight – Discussion thread

    I've heard this before...there is a reason Pixey was voted Queen of Paint.NET. Pixey's work really is that good. I've seen very few artists who can create a realistic image without a reference image. Have you seen the amount of layers that she used? My guess is that some had even been merged. The way Pixey has worked is very valid & I work that way too sometimes. It is a fabulous shoe & image. I enjoyed looking at the different layers & marvelled at her skill. Well done Pixey!
  20. barbieq25

    Seerose's Gallery -Mandala-Part Two- 2019

    @SeeroseWhat a spectacular outcome! So blingy!
  21. barbieq25

    Happy Birthday Nitenurse79

    Happy birthday @nitenurse79
  22. barbieq25

    Pixey's Gallery ~ Glassy Pendant ~

    Yep, a really great image! Love those colours!
  23. barbieq25

    ~ WelshBlue ~ Transhumanism ~ 17/01/2019

    As always you've captured the emotion so well. There is a lot going on in the image. Very nice work with the cobwebs on the text. The butterfly is a bit jaggy on the edges which is fairly appropriate for fibromyalgia unfortunately. Well done with the textures & the colour - gotta love that! Very sorry to hear that it's been giving you such grief. I sure hope it lets up soon. You do the space scenes very well. Love to see more from you.
  24. barbieq25

    lynxster creations ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS 2018 EVERYONE!

    What lovely fish! Incredible work! This would make a beautiful brooch or necklace.
  25. barbieq25

    lynxster creations ~ MERRY CHRISTMAS 2018 EVERYONE!

    These three are just superb! So solid & they have that real glass look to them.