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  1. Visitant is creepy good! It can be quite a challenge to use a bunch of stock images & make them work but you did it!
  2. @Icegodesthank you so much I have been MIA for a while. Your sig is really lovely. Love seeing your works. ⭐
  3. Oh that is sad news of his passing. He was a wonderful member of our community & a fantastic artist. He will be missed. Thank you for letting us know Pixey. Rest easy Woodsy.
  4. Ooooh the lamp, the teacup, the painting & the cakes are really super doooper good! The whole image takes you on a walk of discovery. There are just so many lovely things to see. A very happy image that made me smile.
  5. I have a wicker chair beside me in my office. It is old & fragile but it still gets used until it dumps one of us on the floor. Semps & aeoniums I am not good with (I have killed too many) but dang they make a lovely show. So do you put the fleece around the pots to keep them warm? How different it is to grow the same plants in a different part of the world
  6. So this is rather tame but I love this guy, loved the show & love this version. I think his voice was lovely. RIP old man. You left a great legacy.
  7. Oh my! The just keep exploding! The creamy ones look like lizards eggs. That is so trippy. Way to go!
  8. @Seerose& @lynxster4 thanks so much. We really do appreciate the comments. Even though we are on the other side of the world from each other, @welshblue& I grow some of the same plants. Here it is easy to grow succulents because it is hot & dry for much of the year. Northern hemisphere is much colder esp. in Wales but it can be done. It is much harder to grow cold climate plants because the light goes off in the fridge & hubby would have a fit Growing the plants, photographing them & working with a talented artist, for me is one of life's pleasures
  9. Yes, the second mandala appeals so much to me. Your use of bright colours always puts a smile on my face. Beautiful work!
  10. Yes I know. Same here. In Australia, they raise 4WD!
  11. One of the many angels in my garden. All photos are mine.
  12. Rework of an older image that didn't make it into a SOTW in time
  13. Also, finally able to replicate @Woodsy's awesome rework after downloading an updated version of Laplacian Pyramid Filter. So I guess you could say we did a collab. Thanks again Woodsy! Liquid Titanium Rainbow Titanium Rain
  14. After many year @welshblue& I have worked on a collab. As often is the case, we have come up with different versions & we could not decide which one we liked best, so we we kept them all. I have many plants & I have a home nursery. The plant I photographed for the collab is the flower from a succulent called Black Knight. It has the most amazing black petals in the bright sun with dark red flowers. The glass is from @welshblue's Vector Style Glass Pane Welshblue is still finalising the dark Black Knight but it is worth the wait. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with my friend again.
  15. Ooooh what an interesting discussion & such lovely wood textures
  16. @Pixeywhat a lovely cake! Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes. I had a most fabulous day.
  17. Happy birthday @MadJik. Wishing you a wonderful day.
  18. Thank you @BoltBait, @Ego Eram Reputo & @welshblue! Yes, Welshblue there was lots of plants. I bought over 100 succulent, cactus & aloe cuttings & then some pots & other plants too. My son surprised me on Friday night with a suprise visit - he lives over 700km away. We had the best weekend full of plants, coffee & eating out that anyone could wish for.
  19. Oh wow! What an amazing image. Not only did you do a box but 3 of them & the clear cap as well as the NGK in the background. Plus, working with a new program & working with another PDNer. This just makes me so happy. You have far exceeded my expectations with this! What awesome work!
  20. Such a beautiful bracelet. You've captured pearls so well!
  21. Oh the boot from one of these is quite memorable. In Australia we call adjustable wrench a shifter among other things unmentionable on a family friendly forum. Yep, rounds off nicely. The rounding is not so noticeable. Great brand too. It is another fantastic image from you. The hint of Cross-processing is just perfect. A very polished piece. I challenge you to make the box it comes in 😀 After the fantastic job you did with the cigarettes, you would nail it. Easy.