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  1. Oh, these are lovely. The tigers are so textured! Well done ⭐
  2. @PixeyI do love Dave Allen. Funny as. Not in the least offended
  3. Aw, man, that really sux. It is hard everywhere. The rich keep getting richer. I hope you find something much better, both of you.
  4. Oh wow! How lovely he is! Wonderful idea Pixey & so metallic & shiny. Cute as!
  5. Very nicely done. Those colours are just awesome!
  6. What a fabulous watch! So shiny. Well done Pixey!
  7. Oh no! that really sux. Just what you need - NOT!
  8. Labradorite is one of my fave semi-precious stones & your image captures the essence of the stone. 🌟
  9. Very nice work with the jewel, Pixey
  10. Your latest space image is wonderful. It speaks of the vastness of the universe & its beauty & yet while I feel lonely for the planet wandering, the image gives the feeling that it is a happy wanderer. Really lovely!
  11. Oh gosh these are so lovely! Just look at those textures & the colours. Fabulous!
  12. So happy to hear that you are home again. Nothing heals as much as being home. What a trial you have been through. 😸
  13. Get well dear friend. @Pixeyif anyone can beat this, you can. Our thoughts are with you at this very trying time.
  14. I didn't know that either Thanks BB for the fix & @welshbluefor asking the question.
  15. Pixey, it is a very pretty piece of jewelry. Great lustre on the pearls with the glittery, shiny metal. I wish it were real. I'd love to wear it. Well done!
  16. Happy birthday! Wishing you everything good & of course no socks. Goes without saying
  17. I think Edwardian is an old one: Once you have completed the tute, @AndrewDavid, resize it down by 25% So if you want to use it for a sig, then start with 2000 x 600 & then reduce it down by 25% & that should be fine to use as a sig & you should not get the dreaded jaggies.
  18. Thank you everyone for the lovely birthday wishes. I've been rather absent lately. My Mum is quite unwell & takes up a lot of my time. Sadly, I have become more of a lurker than an active forumer. Thank you again for all the lovely wishes! ?❣️
  19. Thanks BoltBait! Easy to use. It will come in very handy for me
  20. So happy to hear you are on the road to recovery. Amazing work by your surgeon.
  21. Yes, I agree with @lynxster4Very pretty!
  22. A very Happy Birthday Seerose! May all of your wishes come true on your special day.
  23. Yes, the date threw me too. Mother's Day is Sunday 13 May 2018 here in Australia. What a great mum! Your artwork is truly frameworthy I have framed some of mine & given them to my mum & step-mum. Others I have used for cards or book covers. Hopefully you will use more of your awesome art for making the world that much prettier. I'd love to see the finished room. @lynxster4the Pearls & Roses is just awesome! I'd hang those up too!