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  1. Beautiful creature! Yeah, the view a swimmer would get would make them an Olympic champion! Lovely to watch though. Thank you for sharing the awesome moment.
  2. Panic attacks are very scary. Glad he is ok.
  3. Yes, I smiled at the response & thought, wow, you are so much more than that.
  4. Without hairdressers and beauticians life is not that good. Remember the Zoom meetings without video? Of all the services I missed the most, the hairdresser was top of the list. Second was the nail salon. Hairdressing is a tough gig sometimes too. @sashwilkoyou are not just a hairdresser. 😀
  5. Oh wow, that must be a very pretty part of the country to see. I have an affinity with boats...I want to see Norway.
  6. I have been many things, fruit & veg department & then butcher department in a supermarket, house painter, fishing trawler worker, fish & chip shopworker, home care worker, teacher including in a high security men's prison, manager, office worker, produce packer, mango grower, farmer & grazier, real estate sales, Avon lady, disability support worker & currently again in that role along with project manager training people to work in disability & aged care. The job that I love most is teaching...and of course the disability support work which includes teachi
  7. Congratulations @lynxster4! First & second! Well done @Ego Eram Reputo & @Pixey & thank you too for hosting I thought the entries we all very good!
  8. Well, guess what it is working now like it should! I have nearly always done my bevel like that as I said at the start. Thank you all for your advice
  9. I noticed that Belevel Selection no longer works on a blank layer. I use it to make glass outlines or to tweak the bevel effect for the items in the layers below. Any ideas why this is so?
  10. Bee outline referenced from Google search however the links to the original appear to be broken.
  11. Sorry @Ladybug. I love most insects, arachnids & generally things unloved by most folk. Once you understand them, they will seem much less scary.
  12. Bee outline available from: https://freesvg.org/bee-silhouette-clip-art
  13. Thank you all! Such a great bunch of entries & I hope it inspired you to new ways of working. @Pixeyyou did not fail. You entered & you created art. That is still a win in my books. Well done @lynxster4, @Djisves& @Manc. Thank you for being a great host @lynxster4
  14. Great new additions. I really like the way you did the glass vase & the green table. You've got really cool concepts going on here. Love seeing your creations.
  15. Oh Manc! That is so funny! Funnier even because I worked in a prison & I can so relate...
  16. Beautiful image @PixeyThe colours are so rich & warm. It really has a liquid amber feel & I could just pluck that pearl out of the image. Awesome!
  17. Congratulations @MJW! Awesome entry! Well done to @lynxster4 & @Manc. All lovely entries Thank you @Pixeyfor hosting.
  18. Never used before plugins: Helix by @Red ochre Spiral by @MadJik Fibonacci Fill by @Ego Eram Reputo Eliminate Dark/Light by @ReMake Cuboids by @Red ochre Hexagonal Grid Trail Blur by @MJW True Blur by @Ed Harvey Drop Shadow by @Kris Van Motten Many, many layers & blend modes, erasers.
  19. Oooh that is a lovely crystal! You've even mounted it on a wooden base with your name on it. It must be Lynxsterite Beautiful colours too.
  20. TR's Filaments by @TechnoRobbo Unfocus Surface Blur Grey Scale on Coloured Papre by @Kris Vandermotten in Adjustments TR's Fish Eye by @TechnoRobbo Again many layer blend modes.
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