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  1. Happy birthday @Pixey Enjoy your day.
  2. Being fortunate enough to survive Covid-19 and with two vaccines in the UK currently being rolled out, I do feel a lot more positive about 2021. Just remember folk, keep safe and follow guidelines from your health organisations, Covid-19 can infect anyone and not having no current treatment for those who have it, it's all down to your ability to fight the illnes (not pleasant) That said. Happy & Healthy 2021 to all.
  3. You could also try Photofiltre 7. It's free and offers a thumbnail / sheets option.
  4. Well done indeed, one and all. I couldn't get inspired to create one, hopefully I can join the next comp. Excellent hosting duties again @lynxster4
  5. Way before I was born, my Father keeps brainwashing me with this when he visits me.
  6. Congratz @Vagabondi @Pixey and @Drydareelin on your win and placings, some truly out of this world entries. Thanks to @Pixey for hosting duties. Excellent entries from all.
  7. Hi @Scooter I have seen your humorous posts on here many times, I must say I never would have guessed you would look like you do, excellent picture (a very friendly face too)
  8. Happy birthday @Zagna Hope you enjoy your day. I notice also you have been a member on here since 2005, very impressive. 😎
  9. Congratz to @Ladybug / @lynxster4 & @Pixey excellent entries from all involved. Thanks @lynxster4 for the hosting duties.
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