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  1. Happy birthday Leanne. Hope you have a great day.
  2. What is this ranking system that has suddenly appeared on our profiles and next to our avatars?
  3. Congratulations in order for winners and other placers, an interesting theme and well hosted by @lynxster4
  4. @DrewDale I know what you mean, This song makes my eyes water everytime I hear it, If I'm driving I have to stop to dry them.
  5. Thanks to all of you for the thoughtful birthday greetings, reps to those missed will be given when I can 🤗
  6. Thanks for the birthday greeting folks. @Red ochre Getting better all the time thank you.
  7. Photograph of the lost continent self taken.
  8. My webcam also stopped working after the April 2021 patch Tuesday from MS. I got it back again by going into System / Device Manager / Imaging devices - I right clicked on the device name and selected Uninstall, then after a restart, I let windows find the camera again. It worked for me, hope it helps
  9. Jeez What a fantastic looking creature.
  10. @AndrewDavid Excellent entry in the thermometer thread. Highly realistic work
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