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  1. SOTW#175 ~TR's Line Tracer ~ Entries.

    Own picture of HS2 trails.
  2. Happy Birthday ...AndrewDavid!

    A belated happy birthday to you @AndrewDavid I hope you had a nice day
  3. Tone Gradient Magnitude (new July '17)

    With added clipwarp Much fun @Red ochre thanks for creating
  4. Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17)

    Adding gold to make a stately home just that bit more stately
  5. Tone Gradient Angle (new July '17)

    This looks awesome Red. Thanks for sharing your plugins, I will post a result soon
  6. Photobucket sucks.

    404 file not found.
  7. Photobucket sucks.

    Do you have a link for this ? I can't find it in the plugin index
  8. SOTW#167 - WINNERS - Favorite Place.

    Aww. Thank you Mr. Scooter
  9. SOTW#167 - WINNERS - Favorite Place.

    Congratz to winners and placers. Some really neat entries Thanks to @Pixey for the smooth hosting.
  10. Slow Loading

    The beta download was a very quick fix only. Pdn no longer opens, tried it without any plugins, still won't open. So much for a windows update to be called "creators" when you can't even open a program to create.
  11. Slow Loading

    Many thanks @AndrewDavid I will install and see how I get on [edit] Just installed and it's now performing as it should do, again thank for the link Andrew