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  1. Thanks for clearing it up. Seems like an odd theme. I would have thought the best theme would be an "any plugin" you like one.
  2. I don't get this weeks SOTW. After hitting the randomise button on the plugin are we allowed to modify the sliders or do we just just click OK and leave everything on default ?
  3. Thank you, thank you for the well wishes, so very kind of you
  4. If you mean restoring it back to how it was before you edited it ? Short answer - You can't. It's always best to work on a copy of a picture so you always have the original.
  5. @Cynewulf Have you read This Thread and on the second page tried This workaround ? for me was unresponsive or slow to start, but I managed to fix it by following the advice from @AndrewDavid in the above thread, hope this helps out