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  1. Heya! Some humor that's long overdue! Lol
  2. lol Something I've been working on that solves A.E.'s relativity theory. T{f} { {+/-}1TU ~ POTS } ----------------- = Rel { {Vars = MDen + MVel + GrF} } U{i} / S{[‚óŹ]} { {+/-}1TU ~ WOTS } "Time {finite}, over the universe {infinite} by space {a container}, equals Relativity of 3 parts, "POTS" which is your perspective observational time span, over time variables {Mass Density, Mass Velocity, and Gravitational Fields}, over "WOTS", a watched object's time span." - BD/SB/RFX
  3. Great job Drew & Limon! Both pieces are really good! I like the color usage on Drew's but the background is a bit plain, still a nice one though! Limon's was a bit more detailed, I especially liked the cog gearing in the background! On to the voting, I went with Limon's for the overall styling of the theme used. Limon - 3 DewDale - 2 Congrats as Limon is the winner for this round, let the next battle commence! I'll toss this one in just for kicks.
  4. LMAO! That was a good one indeed, ^5! Nominates for 2015 pdn troll of the year award. xD
  5. I don't know much about plug-ins but I can imagine why it might do that if it's based on pixel positions. Say for example, the upper left pixel position ends with a 4, and the bottom left one 9, the middle pixel would be 6.5.... except I don't think half a pixel is possible lol. It probably has to go to the next lowest full pixel if its on the left and the next highest full pixel if on the right. If set to just the 4 corner positions without the middle, it could work without skewing it, that is if it works the way I think it might.
  6. It's most likely due to automatic update service that automatically downloads "patches" to fix bugs but in the process, most updates have conflict errors with existing drivers and applications. It's like when someone updates their java to a newer version then all of a sudden some web browsers aren't working properly. Hy HP also does that but I have a dell which is much cheaper and never has any issues. lol Hopefully that helps explain it at the very least! note: btw to fix the DLL issue, do a search on your machine for "regsrv32.exe". As long as that's running, the DLL's should also unless you have a virus thats affecting them.
  7. Made in PDN using these plug-ins: Shape3D, Rotate & Zoom, Image Merge, Add Noise, Hue & Saturation, Grid Checkerboard, Gaussian Blur, and Glow.
  8. I just got a netbook from HP, it has Linux and Windows 7. Whats funny is it having more hard drive space than my regular PC... which also has only Windows XP.
  9. Checked it out, I would so buy you a 6 pack of beer right now if I could. Thank you and yes it's always been that way with text and gifs, for me at least. I just used Benetton movie maker or GIMP but both have their own issues lol.
  10. You know, what brought me to this website is the same thing which brought us all here... a passion for graphic design. We each have our own style just as different and unique as the clothes we wear but in the big picture, that's what makes it special. It's special because of the richness and diversity of what's created and shared, which inspires others to imagine new things and motivates them to create even more thus repeating an ongoing cycle of progress. It's that very reason why I try to encourage others by simply complimenting them on their work, be it here or anywhere else. A little positive reinforcement goes a long way. Ok so with that said, I have a few ideas to help improve the overall experience and enjoyment aspects of the sig battle thread for the entire PDN community. Lemme know what your guys thoughts are on it. 1) The first person to start a battle chooses a category which the challenger also goes by. A few examples just to give an idea: metallic, graffiti, landscape, fabric, cosmos, black & white, etc... This helps by matching up images of a similar genre so there isn't a big gap between both entries for the playing field to be a bit more evenly matched. 2) Have a time limit on entries such as 1-2 weeks at most. If there aren't 3 votes to win when time expires, the sig with the most votes gets the win. If no challengers enter a sig to start the voting, the round goes to that person by default and the next battle can commence. This would help by cutting down the wait time so there's more action and less "elevator music, call on hold" moments that drive us all nuts.
  11. Compuserv gifs are a bit quirky as anything added to them can change or even degrade the image quality when saved. For text, it has to be added to all the frames in the exact same location which in itself is a pain in the ..... You're probably better off just resizing the image through CSS / HTML code if it's just the size you want to change.
  12. ....And this is why Pixey is Queen of Paint.net, she's very helpful! I love this plug in and used it to create all the flag icons for the last website I worked for. a few years back. There's so much that can be done with this plug in and the rotating zoom feature.
  13. Another RX! :-O lol I think the plane sig looks great and should be ok to enter. Someone will probably ask what sources you used and what parts of your image were created with PDN. Both entries look great you two! Good luck!
  14. Ok so I find myself changing a $230 optima car battery after spending the last 2 days learning all about transponder keys and RFID car security systems all just to diagnose a single blinking red light on the car dashboard.... It would have been easier to just remove the dash and blinking bulb ffs... story of my life, do it the right way from the start. /end rant.
  15. Haha! Pikachu, I choose youuu!!!.... errrrm, oops, nvm! I just dropped by to say great work @ Ishi & Beta!
  16. Try adding each image as a "new layer" so you can position the images individually as needed. Just remember to merge all the layers when finished! Once you get used to layering stuff, repositioning stuff like this is a breeze. note: click mini layer image banner below for full size adjusted image.
  17. @Skull & Ishi, The imageshack banner was the entry however it's been nearly 3 months since the battle started and has 2 votes which is close enough for me. lol I forfeit my entry and declare Toe_Head2001 as this round's winner! Congrats and may the next battle commence! RFX: forfeit toe_head2001: 2
  18. Lol I would have laughed if some unlucky spammer tried to post something at that moment, super-doooper banned lol. ***pulls AskJeeves search engine card out of my pocket to make another 4 of a kind.
  19. Thanks everyone! That was quite a bad year however I also placed myself in a lot of bad positions, made a lot of bad choices, and in the end paid for all those things but learned hard life lessons in the process. I spent most of my time doing things for others but its time I do things for my own self as I'm quickly learning that my needs are just as important. It's just foreign to me as a buddhist because I've never really had any needs up until recently and the only need I do have is to be content, if that makes sense. It's like I'm in a constant battle between heart and mind... "Cognitive dissonance" is the term which best describes it. A simultaneous mix of emotions / thoughts which contradict each other. It's like when you're hungry yet can't eat a thing, exhausted yet can't sleep, or what I usually have, millions of words to be spoken yet not a single one will come out. /end rant ps: I'm getting better at minimizing my novel length posts. lol
  20. Lol! Niiice, I used to use imageshack a lot and totally got the reference, I've no idea if anyone has done it on here but I know a group called anti-sec did on imageshack directly a couple years ago. I was heated when they changed my background to some weird manifesto and my page got deleted. Still it was kinda funny. xD
  21. Some imagehosts change over extended periods of time and hotlinking is always an issue as more and more time passes. I've had to update the one tut I did a few times due to just that issue. I feel bad for photobucket users as they get removed the most. I used to use Imageshack but they recently changed from a free service to premium membership requirements then moved to ServImage. There is a feature on ServImage where you can integrate free imagehosting to phpbb forums just like this one via an added button on the toolbar that also allows the image dimensions to be set. It's perfect for places like this one.
  22. @$&%.... Worst year ever.... I'll be glad when it's over. Grampa had a stroke, my cat passed away a few days ago, cousin in law shot to death and my aunt in law (his mom) was so devastated that she also passed away. Normally I'd say even negative experiences can be turned to positive experiences if something was learned from them. In this case, there isn't anything positive that I can think of. /end rant.
  23. Awww, aye I hear the Can Am 3-wheelers are pretty good and safe as well! Perhaps one of those would be a good substitute. I was thinking about this plug in, you could also probably create a chrome reflective effect as opposed to using curves+ plug-in with a few other steps which always takes time to do. From your thumbnail images, it may be able to do it all at once.
  24. ...or you could buy a motorcycle as those make everyone look instantly cooler! (note: made with love, please don't ban me lol.)
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