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  1. Hey guys, was just curious as to the benefits i have with / without hardware accelerated rendering. I would generally assume it would be beneficial but im not 100% so i thought id ask for some opinions I have a well cooled desktop machine with an i7-4790k clocked at 4.28ghz, 32gbs of ram and a Geforce GTX 970 graphics card. A powerful machine whichever way you look at it so im sure a huge difference wont be made Does anybody know whether the benefits of acceleration will apply much to me? I know utilising my GPUs CUDA processors for rendering in After Effects and Blender makes a very very large difference, i just haven't observed any difference with PDN yet I tend to work with Effects>Distort allot with canvas sizes around 8000x8000 Thanks all
  2. Great to see other professionals using PDN, i am also somebody who frequents Adobe CC but still turns to PDN often!
  3. As far as i know: Fonts downloaded from typekit aren't saved into the windows font folder, however they are saved locally somewhere as they are usable offline, just not as identifiable TTFs or OTFs. And with some fudgery the individual font files can be created from what's saved around places There is a trial available for Creative Cloud which would include typekit, and i believe it would house these fonts for the trial - https://typekit.com/fonts?collection=trial After scanning through the Typekit Blog i saw mentions of DirectWrite in relation to web browsers but nothing more closely resembling this situation so i cant say for sure whether DirectWrite can use them in a desktop use case
  4. I have found with Adobe typekit, fonts are advertised to work with all desktop softwares, and do so with microsoft word and co. However they appear in the font list for PDN but arent usable Is this to with PDN or Typekit?
  5. this is... oh my I think im gonna dedicate a whole week just to play with this
  6. Thanks so much! Iv been up to allot!!!
  7. *appears in a poof of smoke* *Disappears in another poof*
  8. Moving to professional grade hardware means i must move on the software side aswell, but that's not stopped me using PDN! Loads of my stuff is just experiments now, ill be dropping them in when i dig em back up I float around the forum allot still!
  9. Oh snap these will be surely overused in a series of glitch works i have in the pipelines
  10. This tut made me think of PS1 games, many feels
  11. *omega facepalm* How did i miss that *omega facepalm* Thanks everybody
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