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  1. Oh snap these will be surely overused in a series of glitch works i have in the pipelines
  2. This tut made me think of PS1 games, many feels
  3. Love this plugin, i can finally do this: Going to put a request in to have this baked into the gradient tool
  4. Dayum, that is quite a trip. I can see your example in an art gallery
  5. Been playing allot of the latest Tomb Raider, it really is a well optimised game, and fun for a blockbuster type Will download Planetside 2 soon, anybody play?
  6. Got a newer version up. I loved this brief, the open interpretation of a portrait sig was fun Heres the first entry, which has since been replaced Old LQ: Old HQ: http://i.imgur.com/YEXyzNW.jpg
  7. Yup, it helps on occasion, but isnt the ideal
  8. The global change doesn't affect PDNs cursors, i have mine on extra large haha Also from a design perspective, id wait until good 4K IPS panels become cheaper. The TN panel i have now is temporary but the colour shift from bottom to top is too harsh for any serious design work. I have the asus pb287q by the way
  9. The mouse pointer becomes quite small on a 4K display and it is often hard to find if it is not on the canvas A setting to changer pointer size or to change the background colour of the canvas surrounding area would be helpful
  10. The various CIVz, not had the pleasure of playing alpha yet though
  11. Using wobble is a nice touch, ill be sure to keep that in mind while working on vignettes
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