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  1. Popped in to see what was going on around here...these are fantastic! Unfortunately won't have time to join this round. Maybe another fortnight...
  2. Hey guys! Thanks for the welcome back! @Woodsy I can send you whichever images you need. Just shoot me a message with your email and the list of tutorials you haven't done and I'll get on that.
  3. Uff. Popped in to take a look around after a long hiatus and this is what photobucket had waiting for me? How rude. I still have access to my account, but moving everything to a new hosting site is a bit more than I have time for If there's any demand for my tutorials, I'll be happy to help out with bringing back the images. Otherwise...ugh.
  4. It depends on what you're using it for. Paint.net is super user-friendly and is great for both photo editing and rendering cool stuff, especially with all the plugins that are available for free. There are tons of plugins you can find that will do things you'd never even dream of doing with Photoshop. However, if you're looking to do digital painting and need extensive brush features, you will find Paint.net to be somewhat inferior. The 4.0 update helped a lot, as it allowed for soft brushes, and there's a custom brush plugin available as well, but it's still a long shot from being photoshop i
  5. This plugin could help: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=15476 Add a new layer and create a graph with two vertical and two horizontal cells. Adjust the layer blend mode so you can see the map through it. Lines cross in the center. EDIT: it just occurred to me you are looking for coordinates and not just the center. In that case, I don't think a plugin is allowed to tamper with those things. Sorry. EDIT 2: you can try editing your minecraft map with 0,0 in the upper left instead. The absolute value of the coordinates in minecraft will then correspond to the pixel coor
  6. Merged topic from general discussion. Please ask questions about tutorials in the tutorial thread in question. Thanks! As for your question, try this: 1. Select the iris and pupil as you would normally with the ellipse selection tool (hold shift to constrain to a circle) 2. Hold the "alt" key and deselect the pupil (again, hold shift to constrain to a circle) using the same tool
  7. Knowing how tedious pixel art is...color me impressed. That's pretty fantastic o-o
  8. it also helps if you make sure you resize to a multiple of the original size, which will keep the pixels square
  9. My guess is you forgot to restart paint.net Plugins won't load automatically when paint.net is open.
  10. Nope. It checks out: Nice work on the fire!
  11. Paint.net just made it to the front page of imgur http://imgur.com/gallery/BUgcd
  12. You can use the Quadrilateral Reshape plugin to adjust the perspective. Then, just select with rectangular marquee and hit ctrl+shift+x to crop to the selection.
  13. Unfortunately, Loaka hasn't been online since september of 2007 and likely won't be back to write a tutorial (probably forgot his/her steps by now) Try the steps david.atwell used in the post above the one you quoted, then play around with it from there. Maybe flatten, then duplicate layer, polar inversion, and change the layer blend mode. Use color tint to change the color maybe.
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