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  1. Cool!!!! I must use that!
  2. Gee, how am I gonna install all these plugins! I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!
  3. TechyButterflies

    Glow effect plugin

    Oh, ha ha I thought that was a plugin!!!
  4. TechyButterflies

    Megalo = VIRUS!

    It was not a problem! Nothing was found! And YAY my grandpa isn't mad!! Thank god because no signs of the plugin in, so I assumed I've installed it incorrectly.
  5. TechyButterflies

    Glow effect plugin

    The website is down. I don't know why, but I think its because of the crappy router next door I am using. Since mine is apparently, not working.
  6. TechyButterflies

    Megalo = VIRUS!

    GREAT!!!! I infected my Grandpa's PC he is gonna be mad if he finds out. Better clean it now.