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  1. One man designed, built and maintains this program, a man with a real life who does not spend every waking hour catering to the whims of every crackpot idea that comes along. Oh ya, did I mentioned he does it all for free ?
  2. Isn't that what File/ Save As already does ? I know it takes a lot of effort to select which type of file you would like to save it as with so many being available but it's so easy even a cave man can do it. smh
  3. Some of us aren't keyboard artists and do just fine the way it is.
  4. Try Pyrochild's Grid Warp ; http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?showtopic=25327
  5. Or if you have the face on it's own layer you can go to the Layers tab and use, Flip Horizontal
  6. Thank you Disgruntled1, I'm addicted to that plugin. Thank you Red, I too love that smell. Thank you Seerose, I'm really enjoying it. Thank you Lynxter, did you ever take any pictures of your father's train set? A friend suggested I put the skull on the mountain because of my online name. At first I didn't think it would fit in but after coating it with plaster and adding color it blended in. I now call it Mt. Skullmore
  7. You can already do this as long as you don't need them all in the same project at once. Just open each one instead of adding as another layer and the thumbnails all line up across the top. Then all you have to do is click whichever one you want to work on. I like this better because it doesn't clutter up the work space.
  8. I haven't posted anything to my gallery for awhile so I missed your comments, sorry and thank you. I added a photo of my newest pastime and retirement hobby, my train set. I've been collecting HO train parts since I was 14 years old and always said I would build it when I retire. Here is one picture of where I started adding some scenery. I still have a long way to go. Scroll through the photobucket album and you'll see the progress. I also added a few more space pictures I made.
  9. A work around that might work for you would be to flip the image vertically and then horizontally, do the twist and then flip it back to the original position.
  10. You can please some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time. If it defaulted to percentage size there would be people who prefer it defaulted to absolute size. It's not like it takes more than a second or two to change it,lol.
  11. Another easy way to change the looks of a photo without plugins in paint.net is to duplicate it and play with the blending modes on the top layer.
  12. I was just going to suggest dragging and dropping,lol, you beat me to it CC
  13. That sounds great toe_head2001, I'll be watching for it. Thank you Eli, I didn't know that plugin could do that or that it was for that.
  14. Been trying to do this for a long time. I don't think you can. There are several plugins I have tried to do this with but all are as you say. But maybe someone knows a trick I am not aware of or will come up with a new plugin to prove us wrong.
  15. Still loving the best plugin written in several years. Thank you again TR.
  16. It appears that once you choose the percent option you have committed yourself so you would have to cancel and open it again to use the other, or just put it back to 100% and then use the by aspect ratio.
  17. Stare at this and it starts to look like it's moving or maybe changing colors.
  18. I fear that the day I get forced into having windows 10 will be my last day of paint.net but filehippo still has the older version here; edit by Rick: don't link to older versions. you should know this by now
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