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  1. Lol I probably won't be around long, but I'll try to throw a piece or two together.
  2. I've always been in love with that third one. edit: But the download isn't working for me
  3. Thanks I appreciate how regularly you comment helen
  4. Agreed on the stars thing. Here's a tut that really helped me when i first got interested in spacescapes. http://gallery.artofgregmartin.com/tuts_arts/making_a_star_field.html
  5. out of school finally, working on a few projects, stay tuned.
  6. New WP, planned to do more but came up with a different idea, and just left this as is.
  7. What is "lawl" ?

  8. What is "lawl" ?

  9. Sfifer: 3 Simplify: 0 Sfifer's sig is pretty amazing. btw simplify, you spelled kirby wrong in your current sig
  10. colors are good, text isn't overly intrusive, render is placed well. Only gripe is that there's a bunch of empty space. 7.5/10
  11. plugin..? there is none. new wp.
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