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    Art , Music, Interplanetary exploration from the comfort of my favorite chair, Haggis hunting, The Pro's and Con's of Hitchhiking, Sky Diving on windy days.

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  1. Lots of great portrait work being getting done
  2. Really enjoyed looking at all the work you have been doing since the last time I visited the forum, love that caption " and a blokes expensive nightmare" hahaha....very true
  3. Hey barbieq, how you doing? enjoyed looking at the work you have been producing. Don't Brake and Warship are my favorites
  4. Hey Helen, how you doing? Great to see you are still creating those wonderful glossy images
  5. @Dug: Thanks to both you and the wife for taking the survey, Bulgaria was great, sitting in the sun, drinking coffee and watching the world go bye. There was also some incredible portrait artist there that I spent time talking to and watching work.
  6. @DarkShock: Thanks, it's all about individual perception and reaction so that's great. @Welshy: That's an idea , but most of the time I just think how lucky I am not to be listening to it on a building site some where.
  7. @Welshy: Cheers mate, sometimes there is an added bonus when you least expect it @Kemaru: Thanks, it's an idea that has been running around my head for a few years and now I am getting the chance to explore it, it's going to be interesting to see how it develops and if there is an effect out with the sphere of synesthesia - which is a really interesting subject but one that has been research to death.
  8. @Barbieq: Thanks it's much appreciated, taking surveys is something most people seem to find very painful @Helen: No Helen it has nothing to do with IQ , it is to see if our perception of sound can be influenced by colour and thanks for taking the survey.
  9. Hi Guy's I used to be a regular on the boards till University life took over. As part of my degree I am looking into Sound and Colour perception and would be really grateful if you could spare a few minutes to take a survey . There are 5 videos that last 20 seconds each, during the video a sound is repeated and a different colour shown, simply click yes/no if you think the sound changes, then click the COLOUR if you think YES or NONE if you click NO. I know it's a bit "out there" but art is not all about painting pretty pictures, just think if a certain colour could help reduce the fear factor of certain sounds in say a children's hospital ward!!!!!! This is the link to Survey Monkey, also I hope this is not breaking any of the board rules by posting this here. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WSWMYQS
  10. Art as art should be, what's in the head goes on the canvas.
  11. Fantastic texture on the ice cubes and the background brings it all to life, also like how you have chosen to change the sky from the normal blue colour , it makes it much more interesting to look at
  12. @ Yellowman: the largest figure is the main one, the others all work of it, the small one are all the same size but the placement gives them the appearance of being varied. @ Welsh: totally agree with the Carlsberg comment, although I am a Guinness man myself. @ Dug: All is well here in the Kingdom of Fife, I'm of too Bulgaria a couple of days after you arrive in God's country
  13. Barbie, Welsh, Helen and Beta0, thanks for the comments, the first one was inspired by this video, "https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=331012070358567 The second one comes from how we start off with art and progress and learn to express our thoughts and learn the rules of art don't always apply
  14. Found some free time and opened up PDN......... Welcome Rd is a take on some of the places I have found myself over the years and the abstract is just that an abstract of the art journey Is that you a Mod now Barbie
  15. I see the imagination is still firing on all cylinders, your work is always expressive, that's what makes it unique.
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