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  1. HELEN

    ~ WelshBlue ~ Ink Smudge Art ~ 20/10/2018

    Welsh, your work only gets better and better. The flowers image is so captivating! Wow! I couldn't resist and leave a comment. Sorry for not visiting here more frequently.
  2. HELEN

    Happy Birthday HELEN

    Oh my gosh! Thank you ALL for your birthday wishes! I'm still alive, I promise. @Seerose @Pixey @ReMake @lynxster4 I'm still drawing and creating art and picked up photography, as well. Love you all!
  3. Awww...a HUGE congrats to you ALL amazing artists!
  4. HELEN

    ~ WelshBlue ~ Ink Smudge Art ~ 20/10/2018

    Welshblue, Welshblue, Welshblue...where do I begin? With my quick visit to Paint.NET, I couldn't resist viewing your latest works. I am taken away by the spectacular imagery you created. The dartboard, the "Keep Out" sign with the amazing fence, the ring, the sand person--everything else...Wow! Wow! Wow!
  5. HELEN

    Pixey's Gallery - Fantasy Jewels.

    Looks so inviting and so comfy, Pixey! Love this so much! Great job!
  6. HELEN

    Trevor's Gallery - 2018 Art Expo - "Letter A"

    Wooooooooooow to everything! What stunning work!!! Love the Starry Girl!!!!!
  7. HELEN

    Pixey's Gallery - Fantasy Jewels.

    Absolutely majestic, Pixey! LOVE the lamp!
  8. Oooh...I love what I see!
  9. HELEN

    ~ WelshBlue ~ Ink Smudge Art ~ 20/10/2018

    Wow! Wow! Looks so real! Yes, I have seen human skulls before in real life.
  10. HELEN

    Make a UFO

    Hi Welsh, life is good with several rough patches, but getting through. So happy that you're back on here. I check once in a while....:)
  11. HELEN

    Make a UFO

    Oh, wow! Brilliant, as ever! Welsh, this is incredible! Nice tutorial!
  12. That's an incredible result! Beautiful glossy ball! LOVE IT!!!!!!!
  13. HELEN

    Pixey's Gallery - Fantasy Jewels.

    Pixey, Pixey, Pixey! What beauties you created!!! LOVE your sig, too!!! Wow!
  14. Happy Birthday to two VERY amazing people on here! Best wishes to you both!!!!
  15. HELEN

    LionsDragon's Gallery--Rebuttal

    Wow. Very nice! What a great image! Kudos to such amazing work!