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Image Umbrella: Desktop Art


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Let's see...

Ryu: Perhaps you could add something else? It feels...empty. But I like the color and the use of twist :wink:

mas93: your wallpapers, in order:

1. It's a little overblurred. perhaps change the blue to black, to increase contrast?

2. Kinda plain. Needs more.

3. I like this one the best. Minimalistic, but not in an empty way. Nice job.

worldnewser: Good use of hexagons. Seems to be pretty popular these days.

I was in the wallpaper mood as well, so I decided to make my own Linkin Park one (as my friend is really into LP as well.)


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Pipp try making the words have more contrast and adjust the lightness to the brush on top of them. Since I don't have the PDN I've affected the whole image but personally I love high contrast, like what you've done with the player. Ive also shifted the hue (more aqua) and (added more) saturation. Or maybe that would move away some of the focus from the player. Just try it and see if it looks better.

You can use Silhouette+ to make a alpha mask from the words then use the mask on the brush overlapping it so it only affects the part of the brush that is on top of the word. I also like the contrast from the background the the player in the top picture (the edited one) - but again that's could just be my preference.


RedFalcon that looks a bit too cluttered to me - The focus should be on the player on these kind of images. See how when you look at pipp's picture you attention goes immediately to the area where the player is. Yours does that to some extent (with the change from blue to orange), but it could be better. Try doing this by darkening the area that's not around the area close to the player.

Also it looks like you haven't done much work on the actual player and have just made a background and put him on top. Try brightening him up, using some Photoshop brushes (just convert them to PNGs - there's a tutorial on the forum) and then adding more contrast . There's also room for improvement on the font, there's a few good tutorials on making your own have a look around for them specifically Jake2k's 3d text tutorial.

Where do you guys (Pipp and RedFalcon) find these pictures? Could you please give me a few links?

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I like...

a lot.

Very sleek and glossy, very cool style.

Would you call it your own original?

If you make a theme out of it, you will need to be sending it to me :P

"pyrochild, you're my favorite person ever. We should go snowboarding some time."~ 007 Nab. Ish.

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