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  1. Good job, I really like what you've done with that sig. Good interpretation of my tutorial, thanks for taking the time to try it.
  2. Advanced Photoshop-like Grunge Texture

    haha sorry dude, it happens a lot on these forums. And every forum i suppose, thats just how it works.
  3. Yep, but i would assume buying the font your after is MUCH cheaper than buying Photoshop.
  4. Create border with a curve

    Your going to have to use the tool Commander Sozo has recommended on a separate layer and then delete everything else except the curve you need. How bout you give it a crack. Either that on the line tool (which would be really bad).
  5. Advanced Photoshop-like Grunge Texture

    It is indeed badass
  6. Alright, question regarding that plugin, will it ever come to a stage where it can say, get a scriptlab batch processor file and apply it to every frame in the video? I realise the render time would be enormous, but if so Paint.NET would have a whole new market. Completely custom video effects Thanks for your help
  7. Where can I download AVI Importer? The link on that page links here
  8. I get an SQL error when I try to view the page.
  9. LJXD's Gallery

    Thankyou, there is a tut for doing that grass in legacy if you want.
  10. Rusty/Grunge Background Tutorial (Deleted)

    Hmm, this looks likes something *looks at sig* nah just kidding. First of all i think this should be in textures, even though you didnt actually make the textures. You should try making those textures yourself. Then it'll be a really good tutorial
  11. LJXD's Gallery

    thankyou sokagirl. XD
  12. Advanced Photoshop-like Grunge Texture

    Very nice, thanks for reviving the thread as well.
  13. Happy Birthday LJXD!

    Yes, yes I am. Halfway to 30 *facepalm*