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  1. Good job, I really like what you've done with that sig. Good interpretation of my tutorial, thanks for taking the time to try it.
  2. haha sorry dude, it happens a lot on these forums. And every forum i suppose, thats just how it works.
  3. Alright, question regarding that plugin, will it ever come to a stage where it can say, get a scriptlab batch processor file and apply it to every frame in the video? I realise the render time would be enormous, but if so Paint.NET would have a whole new market. Completely custom video effects Thanks for your help
  4. Where can I download AVI Importer? The link on that page links here
  5. Very nice, thanks for reviving the thread as well.
  6. Happy Birthday Darkshock, I never realized we shared birthdays. We also share it with wikipedia. 8) 8) 8)
  7. Good theme, cant wait to see some other results
  8. Very nice tutorial with a nice outcome.
  9. Thanks a lot, dont be afraid to post a try
  10. Their 90's stuff was good. But they just could not have kept that same old sound that 1000000's of bands had now adopted. The direction they went was good, really developing unique concept music, which not enough popular artists do. Emo? They have political and religious messages in them, no emoism .
  11. This is crazy good, really nice outcome. Great work, will try this if i ever feel hungry .
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